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West Bonner County School District is Playing with Fire!

The morals of our children are more important than federal money

Your Agenda Is Showing West Bonner County School District

West Bonner County School District is Playing with Fire!

by Maureen Paterson

Remember the rich man in the bible who told Jesus he obeyed all the commandments and asked Jesus what he lacked. Jesus answered, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:17-31) If you cannot enter into the kingdom of God, what is your alternative?

How important is money if it means the loss of our morals for our children? At the June 15th school board meeting it was announced that schools are being forced to adhere to twisted sexual orientation/gender identity policies if they want to receive Title IX federal school lunch funding from the Food and Nutrition Services. The Biden Administration announced that any state agency that received funding from them must align with their interpretation to include sexual orientation and gender identity.1

The audience asked the board to please stop the Title IX federal money for lunches, and prevent this sexual grooming. But superintendent Anselmo said that the schools receive so much federal money, it would be impossible. Why can’t they look at the lunch program specifically and what that cost is?

Before the schools provided free lunches, the community and churches took up the slack and helped provide meals for families in need. It helped reinforce moral behavior in the community to provide this service than for the schools to intervene.

Remember when everyone turned out in force to stop the policy of transgender bathrooms? Well, here we go again. The morals of our children are more important than federal money. Please let the school district and school board know how you feel before young girls have to encounter males in their restrooms!


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3 Comments on West Bonner County School District is Playing with Fire!

  1. Just became aware that during a gay pride parade event in downtown Seattle,
    naked men were dancing provocatively with little children. The goal of
    these psychotic homos is to browbeat the American people and Christians into
    embracing pedophilia as normal good behavior and a human right, while they
    defile America’s Christian culture and the American family.

  2. Do the people of Idaho pay federal taxes ? Of course they do !!! So that means they are entitled to receive federal dollars taken from them to be used for the lunches or whatever else they want to spend it on. They should NOT be forced to follow the diseased liberal agenda to get the money they paid in and rightfully deserve.

  3. There is an LGT whatever parade planned in Sandpoint for July 15th in Sandpoint. Someone who witnessed the one in CDA said there were strange people all over and around confused little children and no one was defending them. There were only a handful of protestors. I hope we can get a better turnout to express our feelings about child sexual abuse and grooming here in Bonner County.

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