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Two Key Issues Destroying America

The influence of these two issues has been growing prodigiously across the entire nation, with catastrophic results


Two Key Issues Destroying America

By Pete Ketcham

There are many devastating issues impacting our nation today, but there are two, that by themselves, are capable of destroying the economy and the christian based moral standards of this nation. These are Climate Change, and the LGBT+ agendas.

The influence of these two issues has been growing prodigiously across the entire nation, and the catastrophic results of these two illogical issues are now presently being felt.

Climate Change

This issue is based on a completely fraudulent illogical philosophy that has been accepted by a large group of people on the left. The Biden administration, (by accepting and promoting this agenda), has created a state of hyper inflation, high fuel costs (and climbing), and a forthcoming nationwide electric power shortage. The characteristics of the climate change agenda has a tremendous impact in the general economy. Farm and industrial production depends on reasonable fuel costs and the availability of reliable electric power.

The high fuel costs and the hyper inflation we are experiencing today is going to grow prodigiously as long as the Biden Administration is in control of he nation. There is a possibility that the midterm elections may provide some relief, but until Biden and his cabal are removed from office it will all get worse.

LGBT+ Agenda

The nation’s christian based moral standards have been turned a 180 degrees from the christian faith our nation started with, and has now been replaced by the perverse LGBT+ agenda.

The perverse sexual behavior the bible condemns, is now replacing biblical teaching in our schools and throughout the general culture. There is very little tolerance for any public display of the christian faith, but extreme tolerance and support for the public display of the LGBT+ agenda. As an example of this, a coach was chastised and fined for bending one knee and saying a prayer on the football field, but if he had waved a rainbow flag, he would have been applauded as a hero.


There is much more that could be written about these two issues, but it is important to realize that they by themselves, are moving the entire moral culture and the economy of the nation down to a “point of no return”.


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  1. I can’t wait for Christianity to disappear from the planet. In fact all religion can vanish and the world will be better off for it. You are fools to believe that morality comes from god. Christianity and insanity are synonymous with each other

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