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The ESG Threat

Many Idaho corporations practice ESG including Clearwater Paper, Potlatch, and Union Pacific

The ESG Threat

by Karen Schumacher

ESG is the acronym for environment, social, and governance.  It was created by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and United Nations (UN) initiative that integrates Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into business models with criteria.  This is an ESG example.

Tommy Salmons wrote an excellent article for The Libertarian Institute that provides an explanation of ESG and why it is a threat to every one of us.  This utopian vision of how ESG will force proper corporate behavior will trickle down to everyone where punishments will come if one doesn’t comply.  Within the article is a nice graphic (published by the Ethics and Compliance Initiative) that shows examples of what is included in each ESG category.

For any decision a corporation makes, that decision must pass muster in each of these areas.  Buildings and products must be environmentally friendly, the workplace must be managed according to the social criteria, and the corporation must ensure the governance of their operation is squeaky clean.

This expectation for appropriate corporate behavior trickles down into a social credit system for us as explained by Dr. Vernon Coleman and as experienced by these Chinese protesters.

During the 2022 Idaho legislative session, ESG was being scrutinized for its potential harm to Idahoans.  No bill was passed but a House Concurrent Resolution was created but did not make it through the session for passage.  Aye and Nay voting on this by legislators is listed.

Many Idaho corporations practice ESG including Clearwater Paper, Potlatch, and Union Pacific to name a few.

ESG is a threat to our liberty.  It exemplifies how daily lives can be monitored and tracked through digital technology such as a smart phone, and how that data can be used to determine how one is allowed to live.  This is an issue for everyone to become familiar with for the next legislative session, and support the legislature in keeping ESG out of Idaho.

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3 Comments on The ESG Threat

  1. While each of us will rank the ESG factors differently, I am confused by the overall opposition to them. Do you not want clean air for your children? Are you not supportive of healthy and safe working conditions? Is not obscene executive pay while workers are underpaid a concern? If there are overarching issues of control by shadowy agencies, let’s address them directly instead of opposing initiatives that can make our lives better.

    • David – You present a false narrative. Initiatives mandated are a form of authoritarianism. Are you failing to see the iron fist in the velvet glove or are you an ‘agent of change’? Perhaps you are not a ‘you’ at all. Now that the scorecard for corporations exist, it will be forced upon the individual. Beta testing is well under way in America.

    • Real Americans will automatically receive very low ESG scores because we do not speak and write favorably of our government, nor do we believe the bullsh*t about global warming!

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