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Stranger Danger: Pride in the Park

Anyone that believes this behavior is normal is invested in the sexualization of children

Stranger Danger: Pride in the Park

Stranger Danger: Pride in the Park

by Shari Dovale

Childhood should be about having fun! Children should concern themselves with new games to play, not worry about kink or pornography. Childhood should be safe, healthy, and fun!

History will tell you that cultures have always raised their children with basic rules for their safety. Rules for safety include things like “Stranger Danger”. Stranger Danger is about NOT talking to strangers, or NOT spending time with people that make you uncomfortable.

It has become more of a priority in the current climate as sexual abuse, grooming and other forms of manipulation are becoming prevalent, even normal to some degree. And if one disagrees with this aberrant behavior, they are labeled homophobic or worse.

Rules of society have always dictated that we teach our children that public nudity, kink and other forms of nastiness were not okay. However, it is becoming even more important today as this type of filth is being touted as mainstream and acceptable.

This is what you will find at “Pride Festivals.” These events are being held all over the country including a “Pride in the Park” event being held in Coeur d’Alene next week. In the American Redoubt, they seem to be even more important as this area has a very strong Judeo-Christian populace that the left is trying to fracture.

On June 1, Fatherly, a men’s parenting e-zine, released an article titled “Should you take your kids to a pride parade?” They go on to tell you that Yes, you should take your impressionable, young children to these grooming events.

Pride Parades and the Pride festivals that follow are noisy and crowded. They’re filled with sights that may be new to kids, like public nudity and kink. Not to mention that Pride parades aren’t the most sober of places. So is it appropriate to take your young kids to Pride?

Jenifer McGuire, Ph.D., an associate professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota, has been to Pride celebrations across the world with her family, from Tucson to Amsterdam. McGuire, a lesbian parent, always preps her kids for possible adult content beforehand. After a few events, the kids knew to expect nudity and other surprises. “They just had to learn to laugh and enjoy things. Like there were these Beanie Babies with giant penises on them,” McGuire says. “For a fourth- and fifth-grade kid, that’s super funny.”

Beanie Babies with giant penises on them? Really? This is Not Okay! Exposing kids to naked adults is Not Okay! These events scream Stranger Danger! These are some of the people we warned our children about!

This behavior is Not Normal! This is not how good Christians raise their children. And that is why these deviants are bringing this to the American Redoubt. They want us to give up on God and raise our children to be warped and bizarre like they are. This will not happen.

This is not going to happen in our community. We don’t want these groomers in the American Redoubt! Tell your kids to RUN! “Stranger Danger!”

Anyone that believes this behavior is normal is invested in the sexualization of children.



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7 Comments on Stranger Danger: Pride in the Park

  1. You act as if christians are the only “moral” force on the planet. Let me be the one to tell you they are not the only moral group on the planet, and christians really aren’t all that moral themselves. Shari you said, “ This behavior is Not Normal! This is not how good Christians raise their children.”

    Newsflash: These people never claimed to be christian, in fact, I don’t think many christians would go to a pride event. You have your crazy insane religious beliefs, so why can’t you allow others to have their own crazy insane beliefs. You don’t have to agree with them but to try to hold them accountable to a belief system which they do not share is just as offensive. If you don’t like the pride events don’t go. I don’t like church so I don’t go to church. Neither do I like pride events so I know as a rational adult that I will stay far away from both because both pride and religion are abhorrent to me

    • “christians really aren’t all that moral themselves” Never claimed to be perfect.
      “You act as if” Nope, that is jsut your way of trying to put words in someone else’s mouth.
      “These people never claimed to be christian” never stated in the article.
      They can believe what they want until they try to use this to proselytize and groom children. Now there is a reason for opposition.

  2. Oops, please edit my comment to read “….all people of good moral fiber, DO NOT raise their children.”
    Thanks, ML

  3. Couldn’t agree more with your article, except for one thing.
    Yes, “This is not how good Christians raise their children.”, but it is also how all people of good moral fiber, regardless of their Religion, raise their children.
    Why be so exclusive with who is on the thinking side of this, & who can fight it?
    “We must all hang together or, assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” B. Franklin

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