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Oregon at Risk for Election Fraud

Member States are currently using ERIC to hide their list maintenance data, citing it violates their ERIC contracts

Oregon at Risk for Election Fraud

by Terry Noonkester

Robert and Mary Stroud have been pretty active after their deaths, as documented by the voter rolls. Roberts’ obituary gives his date of death as February 5, 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona. shows both Mary and Robert as registered to vote in Roseburg, Oregon on March 1, 2010, four years after Robert died. They had been snowbirds traveling between Roseburg and Phoenix for decades, but their son Joseph Peace of Phoenix remembers that they were voting in person in Arizona. Joseph continued with; “I checked and the only possible reason they are registered may have to do with buying a car in Oregon.” This type of problem usually stems from the “Motor-Voter Laws.

On the Douglas County Registration Roll, Mary’s name is given as Straud, what should have been an “o” was entered as an “a”. Mary’s obituary gives her date of death as March 17, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. Three years after her death, both Robert and Mary are on the registration roll with an “Effective Registration Date” of 12/3/21, using son-in-law James Gardners’ address in Roseburg. Robert had been dead for 15 years and Mary for 3 years, yet they were both designated as active voters.

According to the Douglas County Clerk Dan Loomis, the cleansing of the roll is his responsibility. He also heads the Douglas County Vital Statistics and has possession of death certificates for the first 6 months after a death. He has stated his office reads the local obituaries to help eliminate the deceased.

The Oregon Secretary of State is responsible for changes of voter information originating from the Secretary of State’s own website where voters make online changes using the system called “MyVote”. They are also in charge of enforcing election laws and continuing the membership contract with the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) since the state of Oregon joined in 2014. ERIC uses the USPS’s National Change Of Address (NCOA) database and the DMV records to detect address changes and uses the Social Security Death Index to find the deceased.

Either ERIC has failed to make the appropriate recommendations for removal of disqualified voters, or the county clerks have failed to follow through on those recommendations. In regards to Robert and Mary Stroud, the county clerk and ERIC failed to detect the misspelling of the last name, their voter registrations in Arizona and their deaths. These failures using multiple sources have been occurring on an ongoing basis year after year.

Last year, a letter from Judicial Watch to Lane County, Oregon, showed that out of the 274,054 registered voters in that county, only a total of 2 registrations were removed in the last 4 year election cycle. The Douglas County Clerks’ office has stated that those statistics are not available for Douglas County.

The following is a quote from Jim Hoft , author for the “Gateway Pundit” article “Who’s ‘Cleaning’ Our Voter Rolls? Soros Funded ERIC Is Now Used In 31 States”:

“Member States are currently using ERIC to hide their list maintenance data, citing it violates their ERIC contracts, even though Federal law mandates it be made public. The 1993 NVRA (Motor Voter) law includes a ‘Public Disclosure Provision’ which allows the public inspection of ‘voter list maintenance records’.”

Georgina Veryl Camp Philow of Sutherllin died in 2012, Joe Coleman of Winchester died in 2013, and Vera May Gorthy McGhehey of Sutherlin died in 2014, all more than 8 years ago, and they all have the same Effective Registration date of 12/3/21. Two were buried at the Roseburg National Cemetery, and all three had obituaries printed in the Roseburg News-Review.

The same “Effective Registration Date” of 12/3/21 originally listed over 900 people. That number had dwindled down to 741 by the Feb. 24, 2022 roll update. The Douglas County Clerk has stated that, at the time the primary election began in mid-May, 2022 (five months after the effective registration date) about 700 of these people had been removed from the roll by his office. The Election Integrity Group has found most of these people were either deceased or had a change of address. Some other’s just cannot be found.

The 12/3/21 Effective Registration Date dump of unqualified voters is a result of the 2021 legislatures’ passage of House Bill 2681. This bill has re-written the Oregon Administrative Rule165-005-0180 to read as follows:

“… the registration of a voter who has neither voted nor updated their registration for a period of not less than five years shall not be considered inactive until such time as:

  1. The voter has neither voted nor updated their registration for a period of ten years; and
  2. The county clerk has mailed the notice described in ORS 247.563 (Notice to elector whose registration appears invalid) to the voter.”

The new verbiage in the OAR is now used to mandate the activation of unqualified or questionable voters on the roll as voters reach their fifth year of not voting. They will also stay on the roll for another 5 years unless the county clerks establish that they are unqualified. This results in a continuous corruption of the voter rolls.

Larry Reeves of the Election Integrity group stated that “We have been Virtual Canvassing on 11/23/2021 & 12/3/2021. It appears that these two are 75%” WRONG.” Analyst of the general condition of the voter roll shows that 16 other Effective Registration Dates in the year 2021 fit the approximate profile as the 12/3/21 date. Although just a sampling of these 16 have been done at this time, they also have an extremely high rate of unqualified voters. By interpolation of the numbers, the erroneous registrations due to these dates may add or continue about 5,000 unqualified registrations per year in Douglas County. A preliminary virtual canvassing based on anything except “Eff_Reg_Date” shows a 25% rate of anomalies.

To correct the 75% anomaly rate of the mandated Eff_Reg_Date and the 25% projected anomaly rate of the voter roll in general, the clerks offices’ will need help. Since ERIC’s help has only raised the anomaly rate during the 8 years Oregon has been a member, it is time for Oregon residents to check who is registered and voting from their homes. The Election Integrity Group from the Douglas County Citizens Coalition (DCCC) is planning to have a booth at the next Douglas County Fair in August. At the booth, county residents will be able to check to see who is registered and voting from their address, whether or not deceased friends and relatives have been removed, and check to see if their party affiliation is correct. Volunteers are needed for this and many more projects to secure our elections.

An electoral integrity group in Louisiana sued in federal court for the refusal to allow inspection of voter list maintenance records, including information the state receives from ERIC. The Louisiana Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin has announced it will suspend its participation with ERIC, effective immediately:

“When Louisiana joined ERIC under my predecessor, we did so under the impression that it would enhance the accuracy of our voter rolls and strengthen Louisiana’s election integrity. After reading about these allegations and speaking with election attorneys and experts, I have determined that it may no longer be in Louisiana’s best interests to participate in this organization.”

In many other states the voter rolls have been examined and the same types of errors have been found. The Wisconsin Legislature has conducted hearings on the matter with growing support to cancel ERIC membership. Oregonians are asking their Secretary of State to cancel Oregons’ contract with ERIC.

It is imperative to keep the rolls clean and accurate at all times for fair and honest elections. The three necessities for massive systemic cheating are bloated voter rolls, the use of hackable or programed voting machines, and a broken chain of custody of the ballots. Douglas County and Oregon have all three of these conditions and therefore are very susceptible to cheating.

Contact terrynoonkester at for more information on the Election Integrity Group.


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