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Media Now Fully “Woke” by Refusing to Report Transgender Rape to Avoid “Misgendering”

Western media has become so “woke” and so concerned about the concept of ‘gender’ that it refuses to accurately report horrific crimes


Media Now Fully “Woke” by Refusing to Report Transgender Rape to Avoid “Misgendering”

by: JD Heyes

As competitor nations around the world like China continue to keep their eyes on the ultimate prize of global domination, the all-too-comfortable West is collapsing under its self-inflicted cultural, societal and political decay.

Now, apparently, the Western media has become so “woke” and so concerned about the concept of ‘gender’ that it refuses to accurately report the nature of horrific crimes — like rape.

According to Reclaim The Net:

The BBC has been accused of violating the journalistic principle of accuracy by changing the testimony of a rape victim to avoid “misgendering” the accused rapist, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman.

In the testimony, the anonymous rape victim, who is a lesbian, referred to the transgender rapist as “him,” saying that “he” raped her.

In its subsequent story on the testimony, the BBC changed the woman’s words to refer to the rapist as “they” instead of “him” — even though the rapist is a biological male.

The original statement noted, “I was too young to argue and had been brainwashed by queer theory so he was a ‘woman’ even if every fiber of my being was screaming throughout, so I agreed to go home with him. He used physical force when I changed my mind upon seeing his penis and raped me.”

According to The Times of London, senior editors debated and then ultimately decided to censor the female victim’s words in deference to the alleged rapist’s “preferred pronouns.”

“Some journalists argued that the quote should remain intact, while others said it should reflect the trans woman’s preferred she/her pronouns,” The Times reported.

A source for The Times was quoted as saying: “They were originally all-male references but the woke bros at the news website wanted to make them female because of misgendering. It’s quite shocking. I can’t think of any other situation where we would change the words of an alleged rape victim.”

Naturally, the woketards at the BBC justified their decision.

“It’s routine to have editorial discussions about different stories. Our only intention when deciding on language is to make things as clear as possible for audiences,” the editorial board said.

That is complete nonsense: By changing the language and the actual words, the editors literally muddied the waters and made details far less clear — because of a political decision.

This horrific example of woke editorial decision-making is far from the only one. is reporting that wokesters throughout the mainstream media have suddenly dropped monkeypox scare stories in order to avoid offending members of the LGBTQ community:

It turns out that most of the cases of the virus have been reported by men seeking care at sexual health clinics after having sex with other men and developing symptoms. In other words, if you are not a man who has sex with other men, your risk appears to be quite low. And by talking about the virus as something undesirable, it could stigmatize gay people, and that would get the social justice warriors out in droves trying to cancel everyone.

Many of the stories about the disease in the media fail to mention that the current outbreak has been linked to two major gay sex parties in Europe. Some media outlets, like NBC News, have described them using less loaded terms like “raves.” One was actually a Gay Pride event held in Spain’s Canary Islands that attracted 80,000 people, and the other was a large-scale gay fetish festival held in Belgium known as the Darklands Festival.

Translation: The woketards in the media can’t be honest or truthful about why and how this virus is spreading because they don’t want to be seen as blaming the gay community for anything.

It’s just another sign of the West’s decline and eventual fall.


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First published on Natural News


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