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FBI “secure work environment” at Perkins Coie

Perkins Coie Democrat law firm has a portal that provides access to the FBI's database on individuals!


FBI “secure work environment” at Perkins Coie

By Mike Huckabee

A couple of days ago –- the day after Michael Sussmann walked out of the courtroom a free man –- we brought you a story that at first had sounded so crazy, we thought it might have originated with the BABYLON BEE. It was about the Democrat law firm Perkins Coie setting up a “secure work environment” for the FBI right in their own building back in 2012, complete with a portal into the FBI database, and operating it there ever since. One Perkins Coie attorney who was said to have been working out of that workspace was…Michael Sussmann.

Perkins Coie had reportedly admitted this in a letter to Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida and Jim Jordan of Ohio. “Perkins Coie is responsible to the FBI for maintaining a secure environment,” the letter says.

Since the initial report by Gaetz on Tuesday’s Tucker Carlson’s show, FOX News has had no further on-air reports that we have found on this amazing story. It seemed as if the story had been “disappeared,” and if that had happened, it wouldn’t be the first time. But on Wednesday evening, FOX News Digital did provide a written update, saying that Gaetz and Jordan have written a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding answers.

It advises Wray, “We have learned that since March 2012, the FBI approved and facilitated a Secure Work Environment at Perkins Coie’s Washington DC office, which continues to be operational. In a letter dated May 25, 2022, the law firm confirmed and acknowledged the arrangement.” It also says that Clinton campaign attorney Sussmann had access to this portal until some point in 2021 and had “limited supervised access thereafter.”

The two congressmen tell Wray that this arrangement raises “serious questions” about the FBI’s relationship with Perkins Coie. They’re giving him till June 15 to provide an explanation for why the FBI would have approved this in the first place, as well as “all documents and communications referring or relating to the establishment, maintenance and accreditation of the workspace.” It’s unclear what will happen if they don’t respond by June 15, since the Republicans are in the minority on the House Judiciary Committee and do not have subpoena power. If we non-lawyers know this, the director of the FBI certainly does, and will likely respond like the French soldier in MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL: “I unclog my nose in in your direction, sons of a window dresser!”

Similarly, Perkins Coie did not respond to FOX News Digital’s request for comment. The FBI also did not talk to them, but issued a statement: “The FBI complies with the law and security policies and works with the Department of Justice to serve classified, Court-authorized legal process necessary to support national security investigations. In certain instances, the government coordinates with non-government, third-party entities, such as law firms, that represent service providers which receive these classified Court-orders. This includes providing access to private attorneys which represent the service providers in satisfaction of their legal rights. As part of this, the FBI ensures that any storage of classified orders meets stringent security protocols required for such documents.”

Ah, so the FBI’s statement makes it sounds as if this arrangement were just business as usual. But the problem is this: Gaetz and Jordan have already asked former federal prosecutors on the Judiciary Committee and around the country about this, and none of them have come up with other examples of these “certain instances” that involved private law firms — certainly not with a portal that provides access to the FBI’s database on individuals! The experts found this arrangement highly unusual.

On Tucker Carlson’s Wednesday show, Gaetz explained, “We got a report from a whistleblower that we confirmed through multiple admissions, including this letter [from Perkins Coie], showing the Democrat Party’s law firm, the law firm that received $42 million from the Democrat Party, has this co-located workspace that they operate in concert with the FBI. Why in the world would that be the case? Why would Christopher Wray allow it to continue?”

As you know, Perkins Coie received those millions from the Democrats to fund the creation of anti-Trump oppo research, specifically the fake stories appearing in the Steele “dossier.” In turn, the “dossier” stories, as well as the fake Alfa Bank story, were taken to…their friends at the FBI.

Gaetz said, “…Our concern is that politically motivated dirt was being converted into politically motivated investigations. That’s why Jim Jordan and I are making demands on Christopher Wray immediately, and it’s my hope that we shut this facility down.”

Recall that President Trump hired Director Wray, obviously not realizing –- at least, not quite yet –- just how thoroughly swampy the intel community was. It seems whoever had recommended Wray for the job of FBI director had given the new President some very bad advice. Recall also how the Democrats. with their investigation into so-called Russia collusion (sparked, as we now know, by an order from Hillary Clinton herself), were able to move the chess pieces so that if Trump fired anyone in the DOJ, it was bizarrely interpreted as an impeachable offense, “obstruction of justice.” That’s what Trump was accused of when he fired Director James Comey, even though he was acting within his authority as President to do so.

But now Trump is gone, and Wray is still there. His job in the swamp is safe as long as the Democrats are in charge. In the meantime, this “certain instance” of an inappropriate working relationship with a private “ultra-Democrat” law firm, especially involving a direct portal into the FBI database, must be exposed immediately, whether Wray is cooperative or not. That’s why, unless there’s some legitimate mitigating factor we don’t know about –- and what could that possibly even be? –- we’re a bit puzzled by the scant reporting so far on this by FOX News TV. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

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