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Fake Patriot Fed Front Group and Battlefield Cellphone Considerations

It’s hardly visible, as a strong current under the surface. But it’s there.


Episode 22-21 Fake Patriot Fed Front Group and Battlefield Cellphone Considerations


One of the most significant demographic shifts in the United States today is the movement of people with fundamental American and Judeo-Christian value systems moving into the inland Pacific Northwest. Particularly, this retreat to higher ground encompasses Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Eastern Oregon, and Eastern Washington.

It’s hardly visible, as a strong current under the surface. But it’s there. That, my friends, is the American Redoubt. A stronghold. A safe haven. A refuge.


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3 Comments on Fake Patriot Fed Front Group and Battlefield Cellphone Considerations

  1. It was long an awareness that the FBI had infiltrated the Oathkeepers so they were aware that wolves were among them. Agree that where one gets their news is how their ideology becomes slanted to the arrogant evil LEFT. And be not fearful of those who hate Israel and support nihilistic Arabs, it’s Biblical that they are evil… and supporting Palestinians is godless.

  2. Its Its hilarious that you think you have any credibility to call people FEDS considering your promotion of Stewart Rhodes’ Oathkeepers organization, as a simple search of your archives shows. Interesting that the promotion seems to have stopped by 2017. Does that have anything to do with what happened to Todd Engel following his involvement with Rhodes and his organization? I know it’s pointless to expect much from short-bus conservatives but how about instead of gaslighting your audience you just state your position clearly. It’s not about FEDS, it’s about your perverted Zionist ideology. Go be “patriots” in Israel, the jews might let you bring them groceries on Saturdays. Maybe you will get lucky and have your shadow grafted permanently to a sidewalk in Tel Aviv. If only we could all be so lucky.

    Free Palestine, Free America

    • I think it is you that is the one that doesn’t have evidence of who is and who isn’t a fed. You can accuse oathkeepers of whatever you want but you only have the word of the lying corporate whore media as your “evidence” against the Oathkeepers and Stewart Rhodes. The word of pathological liars in the corporate media is NOT a valid source of information sir. While I agree with you sentiments in regard to remembering the USS Liberty, freeing Palestine, the evil of Zionism, and freeing America I don’t think you have your finger on the pulse of who is and who is not a fed. I will go ahead and keep trusting Redoubt News until I have reason to believe they are wrong. I happen to think their coverage of the recent false flag attempt in Idaho by the feds is excellent. I think they are right also. So just do yourself a favor and check your own sources on your information about the Oathkeepers and I think you will find all of them are tainted corporate who media liars that should not be trusted. If you believe your sources are good then please let me know where you found your information condemning the Oathkeepers so I consider it myself. If I am wrong I want to know it.

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