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Christians Triumphant at Idaho Pride in the Park

Extremists are Not welcome in North Idaho!

Christians Triumphant
at Idaho Pride in the Park

by Shari Dovale

This weekend saw multiple groups in Coeur d’Alene making headlines, yet only one of them stood for Idaho values.

Drag Queens and groomers, Satanists and Pagans, Antifa, Patriot Front, Motorcycle riding clubs, Christians and more all made appearances this weekend in the heart of the American Redoubt, and most of them made national headlines.

The Satanic Temple of Idaho began by sponsoring the Gay event in the park and drew a tremendous amount of backlash. Though they thought they could be open about their agenda, and plan to do “UnBaptisms” while there, they actually had to go crawl back under their rocks and hide. It might have had something to do with the biblical rains that came down on Coeur d’Alene on Friday. Yes, I think that about covered the “UnBaptisms.”

There were heavy rains and flooding throughout Coeur d’Alene on Friday, with forecasts to be the same on Saturday. Some called it Noah-like, and said that God was weighing in on the events planned for the park:

(pics from Telegram)

“A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God. ~ Deuteronomy 22:5

One group was a bunch of far-left extremists in an event designed to groom children into their sinful behavior. The Gay Pride events are sanctioned by your local and national governments. If any other group of people were to brazenly (yet accidentally, of course) twerk their body parts to the public then they would be arrested for indecent exposure.

These degenerates are known for accepting money from children, bringing children to the stage, and having the children also dance for money. This is known as “Child Grooming”.

Child grooming is befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family, to lower the child’s inhibitions with the objective of sexual abuse.

This was highlighted and emphasized in Coeur d’Alene:

Drag Queen Admits Story Hour Is For “Grooming Of The Next Generation”

The original event was to be an anniversary of “Gun d’Alene” hosted by the Panhandle Patriots Riding Club. The original event showed our community protecting people’s rights in June 2020. In response to threats of Antifa coming to the American Redoubt, and bringing their “Mostly Peaceful” riots to our communities, the citizens stood up and showed the world that we would not be intimidated.

An American Redoubt Smack Down

There have been anniversary events held since the original, reminding everyone that our resolve has not changed. This year was to be another anniversary event, until the announcement of the Queer Day to be held over this weekend.

To show that they were not going to be contrary or antagonistic, the Patriot RC group changed their event to be a day of prayer instead of a Gun d’Alene anniversary. Multiple pastors were invited, prayer and rosary walks were held, and speakers were scheduled at the pavillion.

Included in this event was a booth dedicated to the grooming books being promoted by the schools and libraries in the area, This booth was sponsored by the riding club. Dozens of books were on display with many people on hand to explain the smut that was being peddled to our children.

Here is the list of books found in Idaho libraries and have very graphic photos

There were many people stopped, with some being warned while others were arrested. Christian street preachers were stopped and warned to move along:

The big National news for the day was for 31 reported members of Patriot Front being stopped in a U-Haul truck on their way to the Homosexual event at City Park.

No Locals Arrested With Patriot Front in Coeur d’Alene:

After receiving a tip that a U-Haul was carrying a “small army” of men towards the “Pride in the Park” event, multiple law enforcement stopped the van and found riot gear, one smoke grenade, shin guards and shields, according to Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White.

They wore arm patches and logos on their hats that identified them as members of Patriot Front, according to White. “Reclaim America” was written on the back of one shirt, which is connected to Patriot Front.

The individuals have been charged with Conspiracy to Cause a Riot, which is a misdemeanor, and are able to bond out at $300.00

There were other events around the country that made headlines this week, including:

Counterprotesting Bloomberg-sponsored “March for our Lives” in Boise

DC March for Our Lives devolves into chaos after person reportedly yells ‘gun shot’

Extremism Had an EPIC FAIL

But the big takeaway from this weekend has to be the CHRISTIANS in Coeur d’Alene held their own, prayed like they wanted to, and were not intimidated by extremists from either side. Yes, Far-Left AND Far-Right tried to intimidate the Christians but they had an Epic Fail!

It is now widely known that what had all the earmarks of a Fed Op, with resources being spent on drawing in extremists from both sides of the political spectrum, just to intimidate the goodhearted Christians.

And It Did NOT Succeed!

Christians will not be intimidated. David Reilly very clearly says to all the extremists:

You are Not welcome in North Idaho!

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  1. It is the parents fault, if they did not bring their kids to these pedophile events they would stop.

  2. “These degenerates are known for accepting money from children, bringing children to the stage, and having the children also dance for money. This is known as “Child Grooming”.”


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