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Bonner County EMS Facilities Workshop

When was the public told about the costs and plans, etc.?

Facilities Workshop

Bonner County EMS Facilities Workshop

by Kendra Martin

On June 1, 2022, the Bonner County Commissioners met for an EMS Facilities Workshop. 

Topic: ARPA spending for the New EMS Building. However, before the 15 minute meeting was over the Commissioners realized that County Clerk Rosedale had some legal issues that needed to be resolved before any decision on ARPA spending could be made. 

It is worth noting that a Resolution signed on January 11th, 2022 by the Commissioners stipulated that Bonner County Commissioners would cease utilizing the ARPA funds pending a “legal decision and assurance to the public that utilization of these (ARPA) funds will not trigger any type of mandate, specifically vaccine and/or mask.” No such “legal decision” has been delivered and no such assurance has been given, especially regarding Compliance per Equity Executive Orders. 

Now, 2 weeks later, another “Facilities Workshop” is held with department heads. Interestingly, Clerk Rosedale was absent. Somewhere along the lines, this was changed from an EMS Building project to a multi-department office building project. 

Here’s the breakdown:

Who: The Coroner, Veterans Services, the County HR Dept., Solid Waste Management, IT, Weeds, basically 8 departments in total.

What: 4 Conference rooms and multiple bathrooms plus the EMS will be utilizing the new County Office Building.

But wait, where was the continued financial discussion of this multi-department facility project? Shouldn’t the project be funded to know how much money they HAVE to build this thing? Money that will pay for the time and payroll of today’s meeting and the meetings of the past, discussions and arrangements for plans to be drawn up etc.? Yet there they were! Floor plans already laid out and departments frothing at the prospect of new digs! But show me the money please! What tax, what excess, what savings account will be collected or used for this very project?? When was the public told about the costs and plans, etc.?

How will this work? Will each of these 8 departments give up a portion of their 2023 budget to fund this monolithic project, a project with “ample space to grow into for the next 50 years” per Commissioner McDonald. 

Were the taxpayers informed of these plans prior to now? That taxpayer money was already being utilized for payroll for the aforementioned meetings, discussions, designs, plans, discussions that have been under way for years! Again, when was the townhall meeting to inform us, (those paying the Bills), of the details, forecast, plans etc.?

Oh wait, COVID hit and now the Federal Government wants to dump fiat money, printed with nothing backing it, generating the most historic inflation of our lifetime, into our county just so our lame duck Commissioners can build a legacy project. 

Where are the checks and balances? Where do we say, “Hey, Federal Government, we don’t need your money that comes with strings attached that make us beholden to you to change our society, to match the latest socialistic trend and your communistic agenda.“

What’s that,you say? There aren’t any checks and balances? They may have been removed? How and by whom?  By rationalizing department heads who have forgotten the Constitution? Our founding document of our country gives no authority to the Federal Government to print and dump inflationary monies into our economic system. Those who are joining forces with the lame duck Commissioners to contract and sell out our sovereignty, liberty and freedom, a freedom to not be controlled by federally mandated equity, but by Constitutional equality! 

These duped or complicit individuals are setting Bonner County up perfectly for a potential $8,800,000+ debt to the US Treasury, a debt determined by the US Inspector General who could, at any moment, freeze our bank accounts and inform us that we are non-compliant because we failed to serve certain disproportionately served community members within our hiring practices regarding this non-COVID related building project. *(see rule 9 & 14 of the Award Terms and Conditions Contract our previous Treasurer signed us up for.)

The cherry on the sundae is the disingenuous statement that has already been told to the US Treasury: That Bonner County suffered a revenue loss in 2021 which entitled the Commissioners to possibly use these funds free and clear. This was, unfortunately, encouraged by Clerk Rosedale, even though Rosedale informed community members that the county did not suffer a revenue loss in 2021. Which one is it?

“Federal government welfare weakens the will of the people and discourages hard work. Idahoans are self-sufficient and should remain independent and free.” – Steve Fiorvanti

This means every Bonner County resident needs to pay attention. Our county officials have lost their way, as they lap up inflationary and unconstitutional federal funds instead of working with and relying on the citizenry to manage and know the course they want their future to go.

Greed and pride cometh before the fall!



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