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What Happens When the Governor is Out?

Awarded “Top Gun” as A-10 fighter pilot, Giddings served nine years active duty, including three combat deployments, accumulating 1,000 combat flight hours in the MC-12.

As part of a private high school civics class comprised of students in the 7th through 12th grade levels, students were asked to write opinion editorials on topics of their own choosing which reflect current themes in governance and policy-making. Over the course of the next few weeks the class will be tracking the views of and commentary on their op-eds with the goal of generating as much meaningful community engagement as possible. Awards will be given to the students who most successfully generate meaningful community engagement with their op-ed. Thanks so much for partnering with us to create this experience for the children and teaching them to be actively involved in the governance of their community!

What Happens When the Governor is Out?

By HSC17

Who steps in? That would be the Lieutenant Governor. The job of Lieutenant Governor is important because they do the job of the Governor when he or she is away.

This position, Lieutenant Governor, is up for election in Idaho in this coming May 17 Primary Election. Part of a Lieutenant Governor’s job is doing the Governor’s job for them when they are unable to do it themselves, say if they were very ill or out of state etc. Also, they preside over the Idaho State Senate. Their other job is as a chief appointment officer for the Governor. Meaning, they carefully and critically examine candidates for boards, commissions, and councils.

There are several candidates running for Lieutenant Governor. One of those candidates is Priscilla Giddings. She grew up on a ranch in White Bird and graduated as student body president and valedictorian of Salmon River High in Riggins. Giddings earned a B.S. in biology from the United States Air Force Academy and an M.S. Degree in physiology. An NCAA Division athlete, she’s the author of Curiously Strong: A Female Fighter Pilot’s Story of Developing Strength. Awarded “Top Gun” as A-10 fighter pilot, Giddings served nine years active duty, including three combat deployments, accumulating 1,000 combat flight hours in the MC-12. Giddings received Idaho’s 2018 Outstanding Woman Veteran Award. She’s a lifetime member of the NRA, American Legion, VFW, and AmVets. After separating from active duty, Giddings was elected to the Idaho House of Representatives, serving District 7A since 2016.

Giddings has a conservative track record. She has some main issues with the government as is, and these are some things she wishes to change. First, the unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates. These “Mandates” are unconstitutional at best, and tyranny at worst. She proposed House Bill 140 to the Idaho State Legislature to prevent companies contracted with the state (medical facilities included) from discriminating against unvaccinated persons. It passed the Idaho House, however, the State Senate failed to even give it a public hearing. This is just one of the examples of how she has fought and will continue to fight for your freedoms as Lieutenant Governor.

In conclusion, I believe the best choice for Lieutenant Governor in the State of Idaho right now, is Priscilla Giddings. She is a qualified individual, consistent in her actions, and conservative in her votes. We need to be voting for the best candidates if we want to change important things about our government. First, research the candidates and discover who would be the best choice. In order to help you do this I have included a link below detailing the recommended candidates. Second, reach out to people you know and inform them and encourage them to vote. It is critical that you go and vote on May 17, the future depends on it.

Here is Priscilla Giddings’ website, (GiddingsforIdaho) where you can get more information on her. Also go to ( to get more information on who to vote for in this upcoming primary election.

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