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We Have Been Bamboozled

As Americans we have gradually come to accept evil

We Have Been Bamboozled

We Have Been Bamboozled

By Jim Hollingsworth

Over the past two years Americans have been hypnotized to believe things they would never have accepted had they given the matter a little rational thought.  They were conditioned to believe that whatever the Center for Disease Control said had to be true.  The fact that almost none of their pronouncements actually were true or came to pass did not seem to make any difference.

Just a little reflection should have convinced us that if one man, Dr. Anthony Fauci, could control the world of health we were not actually very far from tyranny.  Almost immediately there was considerable evidence that masks did not protect from infection, nor did they protect us from infecting others.

It was also evident that lockdowns did not produce anything.  Countries that did not lock down had no more cases of the flu than did countries that did lockdown.  It made no sense to lockdown schools, since children are about 1,000 times less likely to die from the flu.  Plus, they have lost two years of school, which they will never regain.

Lockdowns caused many businesses to close; many went bankrupt and our economy was devastated, simply because every workman is in some manner “essential”.

Looking at a picture from Nazi Germany I see one guard with about a thousand prisoners.  They could easily have overpowered the guard, taken his gun and used that against other guards, and this they would have done had they realized what was going to be their end result.

Someone has noted that you can get people to do almost anything if you can get them to fear enough.  I am presently reading a very interesting book: Live Not By Lies: A Manual For Christian Dissidents by: Rod Dreher.

Mr Dreher points out that people who have come here from formerly Communist countries say they see the same thing happening here.  We are gradually coming to accept many things that are totally opposed to our history and the need to make America first. 

Those who push this agenda work hard to control the narrative.  Doctors who found drugs that cost pennies and were effective in combating Covid were fired if they took a stand.  One doctor confessed that with the hospital directive he could only stand there and watch his patients die, whereas with the proper drugs he did not lose even one patient.

As Americans we have gradually come to accept evil.  We have gradually accepted that we are a racist nation or that there really are more than two genders. 

As Christians we have to accept much of the blame.  Anyone who has studied his Bible knows that most of the things promulgated by the Left are contrary to sound Biblical teaching.

Take our borders.  We are sending billions of dollars in defense equipment to Ukraine while our own border is wide open.  Thousands of illegal aliens cross our border every day and we seem helpless to do anything about it.  We all know it is wrong, but no one wants to take a stand against a near brain dead president.

The fact that the president conducted his campaign from his basement and President Trump held many very large rallies ought to be enough to convince you that this election was stolen.  We have known the truth about the election for over two years, yet we seem helpless to do anything about it.  Now with the showing of the film 2,000 Mules there is some hope that law enforcement will go into action to jail those responsible.  But, time is running out.  States only have to keep election materials for 22 months, and those will soon be gone.

It is time for every American to rise up and declare states rights, to ignore anything required of us by the federal government and to stand for what we know is the truth.  We need to support those who are running for office who will take a stand against the Federal Government, even turning down their money.  America has been the beacon of light for over 200 years.  We simply cannot let that light go out.  Each one of us has a duty to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. 


Jim Hollingsworth receives mail at:  Jim Hollingsworth has written four books: Climate Change: A Convenient Truth; Cortez: A Biography; The Ancient Culture of The Aztec Empire; Abortion Compassion.  Climate Change is now updated and in a Second Edition.

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