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Two Shining Truths in Commissioner Elections

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

life Two Shining Truths

Two Shining Truths in Commissioner Elections

Two shining Truths stood out at the Reader’s Forum, last Tuesday. When the Bonner County Commissioner Candidates were asked, how many commissioner meetings had they attended before they announced to run? Two stood out above the others. The two that had been to over 20 commissioner meetings this last year were Dave Bowman and Asia Williams, who quipped, I was a thorn in the commissioner’s side.

This tells us who is in the race because they have the public servant heart to be involved at the action level. We are at a point where words are cheap, but past action is a huge gauge of selfless perseverance and commitment.

Their testimonies at the many commissioner meetings and the planning and zoning meetings are well remembered by the citizens who were fighting the high density zoning, the taking of federal COVID – ARPA money with huge strings attached, and the horrendous land give-away for an ice rink. They do their homework, and articulately cite sources from researched information.

Sounds like winners and just what we need in our County Commissioners.

Oh, and did I mention that Dave Bowman is endorsed by Sheriff Wheeler and Asia has us wondering where has this amazing lady been.

On Tuesday, May 17th, vote Dave Bowman, district 3, and Asia Williams, district 2, Bonner County Commissioners.


Kathy Pierce


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