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To AG Wasden: It’s Time To Join Virginia

1984 was written as a warning, not an example

To AG Wasden: It's Time To Join Virginia

To AG Wasden: It’s Time To Join Virginia

Even Though We Should Have Led


by Bret Roush

An open letter to Idaho Attorney General Wasden,

As you know, the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia penned a letter to Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security. In this letter, AG Miyares outlined the troublesome issues concerning the new “Disinformation Governance Board.” Virginia was joined by 19 other states in their disgust at this Orwellian attempt at turning our country into a Socialist nation.

Unless you turn back now and disband this Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board immediately, the undersigned will have no choice but to consider judicial remedies to protect the rights of their citizens.

As a constituent, I want to know why you have not added our state of Idaho to that letter, demanding the disbanding of the Disinformation Governance Board (known hereafter as MoT for Ministry of Truth). There is no reason Idaho should not join these other states in calling out such blatant disregard of our constitutional rights not too mention the federal overreach of which it is merely a symptom.

As stated, 1984 was written as a warning, not an example. The opposite seems to be the current direction of the state leadership of Idaho. Someone needs to start going against the flow, not leaving it to the part time representatives we elect. Out of the many we send to Boise, only a small percentage of them seem to even be interested in following their oaths and maintaining our republic. No, we are not a democracy!

Stop being an ostrich! Pull your head up, wipe your eyes, and take a STAND! Stop being blown about by every wind of change. Put Idaho back where we belong on the side of the Constitution!

Being known as the reddest state in the union has made us the center of attack and our leadership is not even trying to hold the line. Put us back where we belong and join Virginia on this issue of MoT!

Don’t give us excuses about your definition of the Idaho Constitution. This is your job!

The censorship ongoing by private industry is bad enough. Adding a government entity with the potential power and influence similar to IRS and FBI does much to push us over the line and out of a republic.

We will end up being another socialist state sliding into worldwide communism. The UN will end up dictating to the US on every issue and their ‘representatives’ won’t even be wearing the easily identifiable blue, they will be infiltrators as well as traitors.


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1 Comment on To AG Wasden: It’s Time To Join Virginia

  1. This letter sounds so much like the letter I also sent AG. He does not seem to
    get his head out of the sand. He goes with the wind prevailing from Liberal left of center,
    when will he be going away, we don’t want california here.

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