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The Profitable Abortion Industry

According to Planned Parenthood information, abortions now cost anywhere between $750 to $1500


The Profitable Abortion Industry

By Pete Ketcham

We see the passionate advocates of “Pro choice” (pro abortion) protesting in the streets, SCOTUS homes, SCOTUS court house, churches, and any other place of opportunity. They indicate they are protecting a woman’s sacred right based on what they perceive as an ethical and moral cause, but are unknowingly motivated by an extremely successful propaganda effort by the abortion industry that has been programing this nation since Margaret Sanger in 1921 formed the basis of Planned Parenthood.

We also see Democrat politicians give full support and aid to the abortion agenda, knowing full well that their political career would be over if they were pro-life.

Despite all the political rhetoric, public demonstrations, “moralistic” public proclamations, the hidden foundational motivation for killing unborn babies is the PROFIT.

According to Planned Parenthood information, abortions now cost anywhere between $750 to $1500 depending on the month of pregnancy. There are approximately 863,000 abortions performed a year in the US, which using an average abortion cost of $1125, it equates to approximately 9.708 billion dollars a year income from abortions. This does not include the tremendous “baby parts” sales industry profit, who’s basic inventory is free from the “mother” leaving her mutilated baby behind.


This is a painful and sad state of affairs our nation has come into. Just as Nazi Germany declared that the Jewish citizens were not worthy of life, and slaughtered millions of them, this nation has declared unborn babies are not worthy of life, and have slaughtered millions of them.

I see nothing but the wrath of God descending on this nation if this slaughter continues.

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