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Rich Harter is the Best Choice for District 3 Commissioner

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Rich Harter

Rich Harter is the Best Choice for District 3 Commissioner

After attending every forum and reading through the numerous survey answers, I am more convinced that Rich Harter is the best choice for District 3 County Commissioner.

Rich has proven himself as a successful entrepreneur managing budgets, employees, and customers. His willingness to be open, respectful, and available to the citizens of Bonner County is unmatched. Acting dismissive or lecturing is not in his character.

As a Bonner County resident, he has a decade of volunteering in his community, runs a family farm, and has been active in local politics. Rich Harter knows and lives the local culture.

He sees the hard times ahead and is ready to take on those challenges. He has spoken plainly, openly, and truthfully, and is appalled by the lack of transparency by the current sitting board. He offers specific ideas, not just political bumper sticker rhetoric.

Rich stands on his own without having ties to the current county establishment. He is a fighter and will stand for your God given rights.

As the only candidate in this race supported by Representative Heather Scott, Rich Harter has all the qualities needed to serve as Bonner County Commissioner.

Kathy Rose


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