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Primary Election Fraud

These Democrats are intentionally interfering with our election process by pretending to be something they are not

Primary Election Fraud
(JASON REDMOND/AFP via Getty Images)

Primary Election Fraud

Since the last election, we have heard the mainstream media talking about election fraud, making it sound as though it’s a figment of our imagination. However, during the recent primary election, the local media has had story after story of Democrats changing their voter registration to Republican in order to decide who the Republican Party candidate should be. I, personally, overheard a registered Democrat asking for a Republican ballot at my local polling station. Thankfully, it was denied. 

While this may not be the kind of election fraud most people think about when the mainstream media disparages the Republican Party, it is still, in my humble opinion, fraud. I understand a person who decides they mistakenly registered as a Democrat, by determining they no longer possess the same ideals. That, unfortunately, is not what is happening. These Democrats are intentionally interfering with our election process by pretending to be something they are not. In essence, they are like children who will lie to get what they want. 

If there is not a law on the books to prevent this from happening, there should be! Not only is this poor behavior, it is unethical and immoral. Republicans need to band together more than ever and make sure this kind of fraudulent behavior is brought to an end. I can only hope that those candidates who are elected, will take a stand and create laws that will bring about a more just election process.

Kris Cranford
Bonners Ferry, Idaho


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2 Comments on Primary Election Fraud

  1. The fundamental principle of the Marxists is the
    means justify the ends. In other words, the commies
    will do anything illegal and immoral to achieve their goals.
    Also, the commies will use moralist terms such as love to
    promote their evil agenda. I’m certain many people are
    familiar with the phony, commie slogan “Love Lives Here”
    which in truth means the opposite.

    • I believe you have committed an error.
      Your first line should read “ends justify the means”

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