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Oregon Rep Sells Out Then Brings Ideology to Nevada

Every member of the Oregon Republican Caucus in the House voted with the Marxists

Oregon Rep Sells Out Then Brings Ideology to Nevada

Oregon Rep Sells Out Then Brings Ideology to Nevada

All of the Republicans in the Oregon House and most of them in the Senate have spent the past two years selling out the people and now that they have been complilicit in the destruction of our state, we watch as some of these traitors leave for greener pastures or is that just new pickings.

One of these blue-pilled establishment Republicans has been confirmed as running for School Board in Churchill County Nevada, so I felt it my duty to warn everyone about this self-absorbed mental midget who is a legend in his own mind.

Bill Post helped destroy Oregon and then Bill Post resigned and got Ghost by moving to your area. Of course, he still thinks he has some form of legitimacy in Oregon (which he doesn’t), so while still messing in our business, he is running for your local School Board to mess in yours.

Post will tell you he is a conservative (which he is not), and brag about conservative ratings he has enjoyed in the past, but he has admitted that he voted the way he did because he was in a Red District and had to.

Of course, that conservative voting record all changed during the sellout of 2021 and 22 when the Republicans totally ignored the voice of the people and not only refused to stop the Marxists party from their plunder, but helped them by not even slowing their agenda down and allowed a quorum for rules to be implemented to sacrifice the only tool they had against a Marxist Super-Majority; the right to walk out and deny a quorum.

They didn’t come cheap though because each Republican Rep got two million dollars of covid money while each Senator got four million to spend in their districts on whatever they wanted; all it cost us was more plunder, no rule of law, criminalizing the law abiding, decriminalizing criminals, more indoctrination for our children, and much more.

During the 2021 session, there was only one House member who obeyed his Oath of Office, Representative Mike Nearman who Bill had claimed was his best friend. The Oregon Constitution makes it clear that the people will be allowed in their house whenever it is in session, but we were illegally locked out. Mike Nearman walked out a door in which Patriots rushed in to celebrate their Right to witness the session.

Of course, Crazy Kate Brown did not like this and neither did the House Majority leader, Tina Kotek. The Demon-rats went on attack and told the police to find a crime, so Mike was charged with several crimes. That wasn’t enough for the crazy Marxists, so they decided to make Mike an example by making him the first ever to be expelled from the House by the House itself. Keep in mind that the Marxists majority leader totally ignored when one her assistants was committing crimes in Portland during the riots, but Mike had to go because he had the audacity to violate the illegal mandates of the self-appointed queen.

So the Republican Party came to the aid of their friend and Brother Right…Noooo.

Every member of the Republican Caucus in the House voted with the Marxists to get rid of a duly elected Representative, including his “best friend” Bill the Ghost Post. This is the traitor that wants to come into Churchill County NV and guide your schools. Protect your children and defeat him.


P.S. Just a couple of his votes regarding schools:  voted yes on HB2023 forcing transgenderism into textbooks and more.

Voted yes on HB 3294 forcing Middle and High Schools to put feminine products in ALL bathrooms in case Boys will need feminine products.

For more go to and read our past alerts. When Bill tries to deflect and trash us, ask him if he’s ever taken our money, we have many texts showing that he supported us before he sold out.  

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation


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