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Moving On With The Criminals

Not only have they committed crimes in the past, but continue to break constitutional and criminal law


Moving On With The Criminals

By Pete Ketcham

Our nation is now controlled by a coalition of criminals who have broken numerous constitutional, federal, and state election laws to obtain their present positions of power. Not only have they committed crimes in the past, but continue to break constitutional and criminal law as they govern, and intend to repeat their illegal activities in future elections.

The Biden administration is the first group of people in our nation’s history who have obtained control of this nation by a completely fraudulent election. All efforts to expose this illegal unconstitutional action, and bring it to account have been thwarted by the mainstream news media, Democrat judges, Democrat party, and others

And thus, it now appears that the majority of the nation (conservatives & liberals) have accepted the illegal fraudulent Biden administration as the legal controlling body of government, and now wish to “Move On” to the next election where everything will be “OK”.

In reality this constitutional nation has suffered a fatal wound by this stolen 2020 election if it is not rescinded, and the criminals who pulled it off are not imprisoned. Unfortunately, from all present indications, it appears that there will be no correction and restitution of this fraudulent election, and consequently we as a nation have crossed a “red line” which may be the beginning of the end of our constitutional process of choosing our leaders.


It has now been proven out that one of our founders, John Adams was correct when he stated in 1798; “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The Biden administration and Democrat party are anything but “a moral and religious people”. In reality they are godless evil career criminals, and If we just “Move On” from this fraudulent election without correction and restitution, we move on to our own future constitutional destruction.

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2 Comments on Moving On With The Criminals

  1. There is a very important divergence that supports this claim. You might say there was plenty of criminality before 1913…but the money at least had a foundation before 1913…keeping in check the percentage that a portion of every economy is spent on vice and sin.

    In Alfred Crozier’s “U.S. Money vs. Corporate Currency” we learn that in 1911 for the first nine months…in examining five prudent banking laws…from 47% to 58% of all National Banks were breaking the Laws…yet none were Indicted. And it was this Cabal that support what came out of Jekyll Island…and thus we have the Federal Reserve.

    If our Prosecutors won’t indict…if our dogs won’t hunt…then, yes, we have to live with criminality.

    After 1913 look at how vice and sin have been financed with FRN’s.

  2. The Democrat Party is not alone in immoral actions. Remember which party brought us agenda 21 in 1992? Presently, Mitch McConnel is heavily invested in Communist China. The list goes on and on for both parties.
    Also, quite a coincidence that some of our more conservative Republican candidates were defeated in the primaries by about the same number of votes as the number of newly declared Republicans moving from the Democrat party. One of our leading Lemhi County Republican committeemen told me personally that Dorothy Moon was just “too conservative.”
    Oh well, living 200 yards from the cemetery for 45 years sort of lets one know how things are going to tail out and what is really important: to know to whom you belong determines where we are going. Lloyd Jones

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