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Is It Insanity, Or Is It Intentional?

Why would these people would want to destroy the very nation that has provided for their prosperity and safety?

Is It Insanity, Or Is It Intentional?

Is It Insanity, Or Is It Intentional?

By Pete Ketcham

Can the disastrous results of Biden and the Democrat party policy truly be unintentional? The illogical insane agenda of the Democrat liberals appears to be equivalent to the reasoning ability of a 8 year old, which makes it hard to believe it is not intentional.

I had ended my last article with the following question; “Are these godless liberals actually as stupidly insane as they appear to be, or is it all happening as a deliberate and coordinated plan to destroy this nation?”

With some issues it seems to be a combination of both, “Climate Change” is one of these issues.

The fraud of climate change is firmly believed by many, especially the younger generation due to the indoctrination by the national school system and the propaganda of the mainstream news media. But persons such as John Kerry (the Climate Czar), know full well climate change is a fraud, and is used for the political and economic benefit of the Democrats. This fraud has many nefarious facets, but the main one is the deployment of intermittent windmills & solar farms and the destruction of dependable power plants and dams.

Another example is illegal immigration. Many are led to believe, that letting all the foreigners who desire to enter our nation illegally is a noble and humanitarian thing to do. But the reality of this current invasion through our southern border is an intentional process by the Democrats to increase their voter base with no regard for the disastrous impact on the nation. There are many negative results of this policy, one of which is the allowance of the Mexican cartels to grow rich as they traffic humans and drugs across our border. The Biden administration is well aware of this, but once again have no regard for the damage it does to the nation, as long as it accomplishes their perceived agenda


There are many more issues that illustrate the fact that that our constitutional nation is intentionally being destroyed by persons who hate this nation. It is somewhat difficult to accept the reality that there are many citizens, from the President on down to the local politician who are working hard (and so far, very successfully) to destroy this traditional constitutional nation.

Thus, one may wonder why these people would want to destroy the very nation that has provided for their prosperity and safety. The answer to that question is that these godless people, lacking any wisdom, have intentionally pushed this nation out from the guidance and protection of God, into the camp of Satan, where they reside.

Only God can bring this nation back to Him, and if He does, it will most likely be through a catastrophic event.


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2 Comments on Is It Insanity, Or Is It Intentional?

  1. The answer is simple – You have to demolish an existing structure before building a new one in it’s place..The existing structure is, of course, our nation of prosperity, self sufficiency, a free market and an armed citizenry…The Dem/Domestic enemies WANT chaos, fear and poverty to reign, a desperate population ready to accept any form of security, ready to accept their brave new world…

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