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Herndon vs Woodward

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Herndon vs. Woodward

Herndon vs Woodward

Please consider these key differences between Jim Woodward and Scott Herndon when choosing our next Senator.

  • Do you want to prevent biological males from competing in girls’ sports? See Bill H500/2020.  
  • Do you want to prevent illegal immigrants from having driver’s licenses? See Bill SCR107/2021.
  • Do you want to stop funding Critical Race Theory in our schools? See Bill S1193/2021.
  • Do you want parents to have the choice to opt-in to human sexuality instruction for their children? See Bill H249/2021
  • Do you want to keep the balance of power between the legislative and executive branches and avoid Governor overreach of emergency powers? See Bill H135/2021.

If you answered YES to the above, vote Herndon. All you need to do is look at Woodward’s voting record to see that he wants the opposite for Idaho. 

Jennifer Cramer


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