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Dixon Revealed Himself as Establishment! Vote Todd Engel!

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Todd Engel To Challenge Dixon in North Idaho

Dixon Revealed Himself as Establishment!
Vote Todd Engel!

Not long after Sage Dixon’s first election many of us who had actively supported him began wondering whether he really cared about representing us or his career objectives. He stopped returning calls, texts, and emails, then made light of it when asked at townhall meetings.  

Then his voting record began raising questions.  The answers from Dixon tended to be lengthy and dissembling on those troublesome inquiries. Sometimes we see complete avoidance of talking about his activities during session, as evidenced by several “Notes from Boise” columns, in which he produced rambling essays about topics like “There is Beauty in Public Service”. 

Then came the Covid shutdown. Dixon revealed himself as an unequivocal supporter of Boise leadership including Speaker Bedke and Governor Little. The unconstitutional emergency status edicts were not a problem for Dixon; he refused to join liberty legislators in efforts to end the shutdown, even saying he saw nothing in the Governor’s actions that rose to the level of a recall. Being an obedient servant to Bedke earned him committee chairmanships including that on the thoroughly mislabeled “ethics” committee, to which Bedke appointed him.  

Speaking of his campaign fund, it has for some time swelled with donations from big corporations, PACs and Boise leadership, far exceeding those from regular constituents.  Asked about that, he said he actually doesn’t even look at who donates to his campaign.

So, who owns Sage Dixon?

Thankfully, on May 17, a not-for-sale conservative Republican choice is on the ballot: Todd Engel.  

Chris Anderson


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