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The Culmination – Reaching The End

God-fearing conservatives have to continue their fight to expose the lying deceptive propaganda


The Culmination – Reaching The End

By Pete Ketcham

One of the definitions of culminate is “to reach the end or the final result of something”, or it is the final outcome of a series of events.

From everything that is happening in our nation today, we are reaching a point of culmination that is bringing all the immoral, illegal, illogical, and unconstitutional actions of the ungodly liberal Democrats to a common point of potential national destruction.

The History

Things that are happening today were completely unimaginable as recent as twenty years ago. Conservatives knew at that time things were going in the wrong direction, but never imagined things would accelerate so fast to the present day insanity that has overcome the nation.

The major entity that has caused a majority of our nation’s population to abandon logic, morals, and a belief in God was the Education System in cooperation with the teachers unions. They successfully indoctrinated the students under the guise of “Its For The Children” to justify every questionably action they took. Back then the conservatives had looked at the teachers as icons who had the welfare of “the children” as their primary priority. Unfortunately the teacher’s charade was completely successful, and even though the conservatives are now “waking up” by attending school board meetings, running for school board positions, reviewing curriculums etc., there is still a long way to go before bringing the education system back under control of the parents where it all began.

The Major Issues

There are many entities and agendas that have brought the nation to it’s present state of decline, but there are three that are having the greatest impact. They are as follows:

  1. The LGBT agenda, which has plunged our nation into a immoral swamp that gets more illogical and degenerate on a daily basis.
  2. The fraudulent hoax of climate change, which is moving us towards a severe nationwide power and fuel shortage by the promotion of intermittent wind and solar power, and the destruction of full time dependable power plants and dams.
  3. The education system Indoctrinating our children (From elementary to college) with the Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the LGBT agenda. This indoctrination destroys the student’s logical sense of who they are, any belief in God, and promotes the mutilation of their bodies in an attempt to change their natural sex.

Lastly, these three issues (and others) share one common thread, they are all completely unhinged from reality.

Conclusion (or culmination)

Even though the Democrats have been very successful in their propaganda efforts, there seems to be a glimmer of hope that the negative results of these insane issues are starting to “wake up” the general population (both Democrat and Republican), as they are beginning to realize that it is the Democrat party who is responsible for their dilemma.

In the meantime the God-fearing conservatives have to continue their fight to expose the lying deceptive propaganda the Democrats are disseminating via the education system, the mainstream news media, and the entertainment industry.

One remaining thought. Are these godless liberals actually as stupidly insane as they appear to be, or is it all happening as a deliberate and coordinated plan to destroy this nation?


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