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Conservative Vote Splitting is a National Emergency

Our political leaders see politics as a path to enrichment, not as a service to the nation

Conservative Vote Splitting

Conservative Vote Splitting is a National Emergency

by Dean Cannon

An agenda for people who don’t like agendas.

Question: how do you unite rugged individualists and turn them into a unified voting block? Knowing the stakes might help us.

At the Bonner County Commissioner debate this weekend I saw three good candidates out of five. Two of the three were excellent. There wasn’t much difference in their arguments and we’d be lucky to have either one. What could happen in this race? The well-funded Democrat registered as a Republican may end up winning due to the Conservative vote being split. I pray this is not the outcome, but we see it time and again from school board races to senate primaries across our country. It’s something that has to change. 

In progressive cities true conservative candidates can’t get elected because they lack the numbers. In red areas, true conservatives sometimes don’t get elected because they lack the votes. What is behind this fractal from hell? 

Too much of a good thing

First, the good news. In recent years many patriotic Americans have heard the call to run for office. The bad news is that a high number of conservative candidates can mean failure against a well-funded RINO incumbent. When 60% of all Idaho Democrats vote in elections, Conservatives need to turn out and votes cannot be split. The self-inflicted injury of vote-splitting undermines principled conservatives in races throughout the country. It also gives credence to the establishment smear that we on the right are not capable of governing or playing together. We know better. The left just figured this out a long time before us. 

You hate politics. I hate politics. We all hate politics. 

There are many reasons for America’s decline but, politics is a big facilitator of our demise. Our political leaders are corrupt people who have no love of country, are disconnected from reality and have been bought and sold by Big Business. As a result they see politics as a path to enrichment, not as a service to the nation. In this way they reflect our culture. But whether we like politics or not, city hall is where the rules are made.

Things like Critical Race Theory, rampant crime and vaccine mandates are the results of decisions made by low quality people in political office. These things could not happen if good people were still making the rules. If we want to change this, it is crucial to change the type of person in public office. This type of person is becoming rare: principled, able to take criticism while forging ahead with a bold yet unifying message. Those ready for the calling must also be capable of winning political contests. This is going to mean difficult conversations and bruised egos in primary challenges. Country must come before self. The stakes are too high. 

In Idaho the Primaries are the Elections

Democrats have a 50 year head start on us. Even in places where they have almost no numbers they have still found a way to win: register as a Republican! This way they can vote in the Republican primary and help select the most watered down Conservative until they finally get a Progressive. One cannot defeat a bloodthirsty win-at-all-costs opponent by seeking higher ground only. The monster will just remove it from under you. 

If Conservatives are to win more political races in the future, Republican primaries and local elections must be a clear case to the public of the RINO vs the Conservative – who can win. And that last bit is important. As voters grow more discerning in less crowded races, the principled candidate will become more obvious. 


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3 Comments on Conservative Vote Splitting is a National Emergency

  1. Ok good article, but name some names here! We need to know who the RINOs are before we vote! Especially the county commissioners, who are the RINOs? Who is a good conservative?

    • Good question…go to:
      Senate: JIM WOODWARD (RINO)
      BC Commsioners: LUKE OMODT, BRIAN RILEY (RINOs)
      SAGE DIXON (under establishment thumb)

      Solid Conservative (Idaho First agenda)
      Senate: HERNDON
      Commisioner: KORN (2 other good guys in the race but most capable of winning)
      House: ENGEL
      House: Hutchings
      Commisioner (D2): Asia Williams
      Treasurer: Koster
      Assessor: Dorman

  2. One way to fix this is to ‘locked’ a person’s party from primary election to the general. It would eliminate folks, as eluded in this article, from becoming a republican, voting for the worst, then changing their party back…

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