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Additional Candidate Endorsements

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Candidate Endorsements

Candidate Endorsements

Don’t Forget to Vote on May 17th!

These are candidate endorsements from Shari Dovale, editor for Redoubt News.

Endorsements by Donna Capurso, Redoubt News Patriot Journalist:


*Endorsements are meant for the May 2022 primary.


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3 Comments on Additional Candidate Endorsements

  1. Art Macomber,
    The first time I heard you speak at a function, I asked you if you were familiar with Redoubt News, and you told me “NO”. When I spoke to the editor of Redoubt News, she said that was not true as she had previous contact with you, so your statement was not true, aka a “lie.” At the JBS sponsored candidate forum held at the Boundary County Middle School, you READ your entire presentation instead of “speaking from the heart” and I was not impressed.
    I have known Raul for more than 12 years and have found him a man of honor and compassion. He has served in the US Congress and been involved in Idaho politics longer than I have known him. You, Mr. Macomber, are the one who is inattentive, not competent and not someone that anyone should endorse with your lack of political experience, your attempted character assassination of a man that has a proven record of being a “man of the people” and I have heard from others about your temper. Shame on you Art Macomber!! You owe the people of Idaho an apology for your childish comments and behavior.
    Donna Capurso

  2. I cannot believe you guys keep falling for the Raul Labrador hoax. He is simply not qualified for the position of being the State’s top attorney, and you’re treating him like he’s a district candidate for the House of Representatives because you like his **policy**, and you are afraid of Wasden. I keep telling you guys in North Idaho that Wasden is finished, and you don’t have people on the ground in the south to verify that, so you keep falling for the name recognition. Labrador will not protect your rights. He has proven himself three times in the last year to not be a person who cares much about the law or the rules. He is passive. He is inattentive. He is not competent. He is not someone for you to endorse:

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