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Zuckerberg is Getting Special Tax Breaks in Idaho

Do you know anybody in small business to get such a sweetheart deal?

Zuckerberg Spent Millions During the 2020 Election,
Now He’s Getting Special Tax Breaks in Idaho

by Rep. Dorothy Moon, Candidate for Idaho Secretary of State

Mark Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars during the 2020 election giving grants to County Clerks for PPE, education, and other unassuming items in every State of the Union. Over $500,000 came to Idaho, most to Ada County. Twenty Counties in total took the “free” money at that time of “need” during the COVID crisis.

We know too that in 2020 HB 521, a Bill that opened the door for capital investment in Idaho for a Data Centers, passed the House and Senate. This carve-out was for companies that could “invest” at least $250 million for capital investment. Not too many $250 million dollar investors out there with plans for Data Centers except for Facebook, now Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg strikes again with a sweet deal for Idaho. From the text of HB-521 “On and after July 1, 2020, there is exempted from the taxes imposed by this chapter the purchase or use of eligible server equipment and new data center facilities”.

Sweet deal if you’re the richest man on earth. And, who picks up the tab for increased costs for supporting infrastructure for the tax base created by the incentives in the HB-521 “let’s make a deal” Bill?…..Idaho tax payers of course. This is with the stipulation that only 30 new employee positions are created…..Do you know anybody in small business to get such a sweetheart deal?

I have much more to say about this and will be reporting about the “under the rug” sweepings that must bear the scrutiny of light. Stay tuned and please watch this movie trailer coming to a theatre near you.



Learn more here: Dorothy Moon for Idaho Secretary of State

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2 Comments on Zuckerberg is Getting Special Tax Breaks in Idaho

  1. Ted Weiland, you’re off your rocker and totally out of touch with reality!! People like you are the reason people like me want nothing to do with religion or god. Religion, while protected by the first amendment, is not what America is founded on. You spout the same dribble about bible vs Comstitution which makes you sound absolutely insane!!

  2. This could never occur under a biblical government and it’s One-God/One-Vote election system, per Deuteronomy 17:15, etc.. No amount of money can influence Yahweh’s choice of civil leaders.

    One of the dumbest things the constitutional framers did was to usurp Yahweh’s exclusive election authority (per Deuteronomy 17:15, etc.), thereby turning election “discretion” over to We the People the majority of whom, according to Christ in Matthew 7:13, are in the broad way leading to *destruction.* Gee, what could go wrong?

    Add to that Article 6’s Christian test ban by which mandatory biblical qualifications (such as, Exodus 18:21) were eliminated and you have the perfect recipe disaster, which is exactly where America finds herself today, precipitously teetering on the precipice of moral depravity and *destruction.”

    For more, see blog article “Constitutional Elections: Dining at the ‘Devil’s Table,'” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Search title on our Blog.

    For how the Bible’s election system operates, at the same location, see blog article “Salvation by Election.” Don’t be fooled by the title.

    For more regarding Article 6’s Christian test ban, see Chapter 9 “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.” Click on top entry on our Online Books page ans scroll down to Chapter 9.

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