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Where Have All The Democrats Gone?

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Where Have All The Democrats Gone?

Where Have All The Democrats Gone?

It’s primary season again. You might wonder where have all the Democrats gone?

In Idaho, it’s common practice that Democrats register as Republicans, giving a two-fold approach to control local politics. Candidates can hide their true political leanings and their voters can choose these fake Republicans in the primary. Yet you can see behind the mask if you can identify those promoting this behavior. There’s no surprise you hear about infighting within the party.

Beware of “reasonable Republicans”, “common sense Republicans”, and “moderate Republicans”. These are the people who play the political games and acquiesce to compromise, participating in the theft of liberty while growing an intrusive government.

Watch out for these infiltrators who label those who truly stand on the Republican platform as extremists. They’re using the Democrat playbook with emotionally charged language to instill fear. This is seen clearly in the District 3 Commissioner’s race, where Rich Harter is the only candidate grounded in liberty principles and stands on his own.

For local races, the May primary is the most import election since there is rarely a challenger in November. Yet May typically has a low turnout.

We’re at a precipice. North Idaho fosters the independent spirit, and its people don’t want leaders or rulers. We need representatives who will fight rather than compromise, work for you rather than themselves, cherish liberty rather than an oppressive government. Rich Harter is that fighter. Vote by absentee ballot, by early voting or May 17th at the polls.

Kathy Rose


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