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Vote Asia Williams – The Constitutional, Conservative Voice

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Vote Asia Williams - The Constitutional, Conservative Voice

Vote Asia Williams – The Constitutional, Conservative Voice

I am a Lifelong Constitutional; Liberty Minded Conservative Christian and I want your vote to represent you as your Republican party endorsed District 2 Commissioner.

I have been actively involved in the community for over a decade. From working with my local community in Blanchard Idaho to being a presence at our county office. I have been an outspoken conservative voice regarding various issues such as: opposition to critical race theory and Juneteenth, to advocacy for the rural nature of Bonner County with responsible growth, to respecting property rights and helping educate our community with respect to government grants, spending, funding and emergency preparedness.

My background in leadership, communication, nursing and business will be assets to our county government. Bonner County can not afford a third term of indecision, broken promises, increased litigation against the county with an official who has been a follower of others.

As we head toward May 17, 2022, I am asking that you please vote ASIA WILLIAMS for district 2 county commissioner. The Constitutional, Conservative Voice That Is Needed with the proven leadership, business and communication skills to represent Bonner County Residents.

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