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Stop the Rural Subdivisions!

Wondering about all the Developments that are going on around Bonner County

Stop the Rural Subdivisions!

By Maureen Paterson

Wondering about all the Developments that are going on around Bonner County? Look no further than the present Bonner County Commissioners who are allowing zone changes to our comprehensive plan. What can you do? Vote them and who they endorse out!

Dave Bowman is a proven worker for “the People’s” interests. He has been working tirelessly behind the scene to push back on the upzoning of land that includes the Skinner, Bear Paw and Hoodoo Valley zone changes as well as the proposed closing of Camp Bay.

He shined the light on the contract for the ice rink land give-away that the County Commissioners tried. His voice is heard at all the commissioner meetings, including not using the ARPA funds because of federal strings attached. Dave has been working with Planning & Zoning commissioners on a code amendment that will help when the commissioners want to ignore the comprehensive plan and zoning codes.

Asia Williams is another tireless worker for citizens’ rights. She has been working right alongside Dave. Her intelligence and articulation is a blessing to our county. Vote for integrity. May 17th vote Dave Bowman foe Bonner County Commissioner District 3 and Asia Williams for District 2!


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