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Spencer Hutchings: Follow The Money

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Spencer Hutchings: Follow The Money

Follow The Money

By Spencer Hutchings

The truth is what good people rely on to make the correct decisions that influence their lives. We all want the truth to help guide our life decisions, but we all don’t have the time to take a deep dive into every person or issue. If all the information a person gets is distorted or outright lies from what should be trusted sources such as the media or elected officials, it is impossible for the average citizen to make the correct choices. I believe this is intentional. We are lied to purposely by politicians and the media to manipulate us into making the choices they want us to make, usually the choices they manipulate us into, hurt us and benefit them.

One of the lies people in North Idaho have become familiar with is each election cycle when the Democratic candidates enter into the Republican primaries and tell the lie that they are Republicans. This election cycle is no different with even the mayor of Sandpoint entering the Governors race as a Democrat only to be rejected because he had been registered as a Republican.

As the mayor of Sandpoint clearly illustrated, even when caught Democrats have no shame and fall back on “the ends justify the means” to take nearly any action that forwards their destructive liberal ideology.

So it should be no surprise that the elections for state offices of Representative and Senator in District One have Democrats running as Republicans in them. This an effort by the Democrats to confuse our loyal Republican voters that have not had a chance to vet each individual candidate for themselves in order to trick these loyal Republican voters into voting for a Democrat running as a Republican.

In the Senate race for District One is Scott Herndon the Democrat in disguise? Well Scott Herndon is the chairman of the Bonner county Republican Central Committee, so (unless he has fooled all the local Republicans) I think we can all be certain Scott Herndon is the real Republican running for the senate seat in District One. The other guy, well he voted to give illegal aliens drivers licenses so, what do you think?

The District One race for Representative in Seat A has five, yes FIVE people in it. With four of the five candidates running being actual Republicans in this race. This scenario is working perfectly for the Democratic machine that wants to take over North Idaho. You see with four conservative candidates splitting the vote among themselves the fake Republican being financed by the Democrats can squeak by with as little as 21 percent of the total vote. So 79 percent of the Republicans could vote for a Republican candidate and we could still end up with a Democratic plant as our Seat One A Representative.

The easiest way to tell where a candidates true beliefs are is to follow the money. When you find out who supports a candidate financially, you gain insight into their true beliefs. Idaho has a fantastic system in place for this, it’s called the Sunshine Report. You can access this invaluable tool at or just google “Idaho Sunshine Report”.

Once you see where the candidates are getting their money from, it becomes clear who the Democrat hiding as a Republican is in this race. Democrats will, just like Mayor Shelby, change their voter registration over to Republican just to vote for their Democrat plant. This is something we, as Conservative, Christian, Republicans have a hard time understanding since we are not deceptive by nature. For Democrats, it’s just business as usual for them.


Spencer Hutchings is a candidate for Idaho Legislative District 1, Seat A

Learn more: Hutchings For Idaho




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