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Rich Harter is the Proven Liberty-Conservative Candidate

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Rich Harter

Rich Harter is the Proven Liberty-Conservative Candidate

As a foreign war veteran, retired lawman, elected hospital district trustee, and without reservation, I wholeheartedly support the nine year volunteer Clark Fork Fireman, four year Fire Chief, former 1991-1994 Army artillery serviceman, 4-H leader, martial arts instructor and devoted DEFENDER of Christian, community and Constitutional principles,

Rich Harter’s significant business and personnel management experience is best suited to fill the void in Commissioner McDonald’s departure.

Harter is neither Ron, North Idaho Way’s (McDonald) candidate, nor Dave, Sheriff Wheeler’s candidate, nor Luke, North Idaho Voter’s (Keough) candidate. Although subtle, NIV Director Keough’s support of Luke, is highly concerning should Asia Williams not also win election in the District 2 Commissioner race.

McDonald, Wheeler and Keough are engaged in proxy empire building efforts. Bonner County is best served having a Commissioner without attachment and association to the “establishment.”

Harter lives the traditional, rural Bonner County culture, being a self-sustaining farm owner and proud father of a recent H.S. graduate. Harter understands the equilibrium between housing and employment, and land-use zoning amongst neighbors, across all resident ages.

Luke’s liberal associations, and Ron’s loose-cannon activism and handy-man business registration non-compliance, lending suspicion to unreported income, each lend concern to effective conservative governance. Further, Dave’s votes in Seattle on 3/2021 and 11/2021 conflict with his BCRCC forum answer that, ‘covid19 prevented his voter registration’ until 12/2021…! The unanswered question is when did Dave claim part-year residence for tax purposes, that his true residence date? Further, Dave did not obtain in a legally timely fashion, his Idaho drivers license, as well as, forfeiting an obligation to vote locally in a contested Northside Fire District Trustee election, yet they wants you to trust…, that they’re loyal to conservative county voters?

Rich Harter is the proven liberty-conservative candidate for District 3 Commissioner,

Dan Rose


Learn more here:  HarterForBonnerCounty

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