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Primary 2022: The Grocery Tax Repeal

Anyone that can speak out of both sides of their mouth like that needs to go!

Grocery Tax Repeal

Primary 2022: The Grocery Tax Repeal

by Shari Dovale

Idaho is one of only five states to fully apply sales taxes on grocery purchases, and they do so at a rate of 6%. For a solid Red State to continue applying this intolerable burden on the citizens in incomprehensible.

For the past two years, the people have struggled to make ends meet, not always able to even work in their professions as the Governor called them less than important, or non-essential.

Grocery tax repeal has been the choice of the citizens since at least 2016. Legislators repeatedly vowed they would do everything they could to relieve the people of this oppressive hardship. The 2022 session provided dozens of opportunities for this to happen, yet it still has not been rescinded.

The manner that our Swampy Legislature handles the people’s business is by keeping important legislation like this in committees where it will never get a vote. Then, they tell you that they would, of course, vote for it if it could ever reach the floor.

Both HOUSE BILL 448 and HOUSE BILL 470 would have completely repealed the grocery tax and provided much needed relief to the families throughout the state. HB448 made it to the House Ways & Means committee where Chairman Paul Amador decided to not allow it to receive a vote and kept it buried in his committee.

However, there are some good solid Liberty Legislators that made every attempt to get it to the floor for a vote. Rep. Ron Nate attempted to utilize Rule 17 to force the bill out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.


Call for Bills or Memorials or Resolutions. — When any bill, memorial or resolution has been in the hands of any committee for five days, any member of the House may, at the fifth or seventh order of business, upon the floor of the House, call for the same; whereupon it shall be the duty of said committee to report said bill, memorial or resolution to the House under the order of business of committee reports, not later than the following morning session. The House may, however, upon motion approved by a majority of the members present, grant said committee further time; provided, that after the thirtieth day of the session any bill, memorial or resolution must be reported forthwith out of the committee to which it has been referred, with or without recommendations, upon the request of any member, unless otherwise ordered by the House by a vote of a majority of the members present.

The truth of the Legislators words are held in their actions, specifically in how they voted on this motion to get the grocery tax repeal to the floor for a vote.

By our count, from the 30th day to the 75th day, there were 27 attempts to pull HB 448 to the floor. You can check it yourself here: 2022 Journals. How did YOUR legislator vote?

In District 1, Rep. Sage Dixon Voted AGAINST The PEOPLE each and every time. Dixon voted against bringing HB448 to the floor an astonishing 27 times! This was done in spite of his claims that he has advocated for grocery tax repeal.

Anyone that can speak out of both sides of their mouth like that needs to go!

Dixon is running for reelection to Idaho House Seat 1B, against challenger Todd Engel. Learn about your candidates!

Be an Informed Voter! Vote out the RINOs on May 17th


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