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Oregon’s Ridiculous, Dysfunctional, Republican Party

Oregon has at least 30 out of 36 solid Red Counties, but can’t win a state election on a prayer

Oregon’s Ridiculous, Dysfunctional, Republican Party

Oregon’s Ridiculous, Dysfunctional, Republican Party

by Chris Brumbles

If it wasn’t such a damn shame how dysfunctional and worthless the Republican Party is here in Oregon, it would be almost comical. The thing is that there are many good Republicans and Patriots here in the state working hard, but all of their hard work goes mostly unnoticed because the people “leading” their Party have all but made it a tradition to bend over, sell out, allow the Marxist agenda to go through without resistance, and beg for scraps. We actually have an idiot here in HD 31 who has made it part of his campaign to let people know that he will “have to compromise in order to get stuff done” if he wins. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Isn’t that a ridiculous statement? Saying that you will basically sell out in order to “get something done”. What does that even mean, to get something done? In Oregon you can do two things as a legislator you can either write laws, or bring money back to your district. The Republicans just keep getting lied to and treated like a red-headed step child while being told to shut up and sit in the corner by the Super-Majority Marxist party, so they can not pass laws (like we didn’t have too many already). All they can do is beg for money for their district, and to do that, they have to sell out our Rights, and allow us to be plundered even more. Do we really want them to “get stuff done”? I would rather see them fight to get stuff undone, but they are so out of touch and devoid of morality, tenacity, and virtue that they simply don’t get it.

I’m a proud Coordinator for Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF); the only NO COMPROMISE gun organization in the state. Our Rights are given to us at birth by God, so why would we compromise? There is no common sense in that. We have supported many Republicans in the past, in the 2021 session, they sold everyone in the state out for money and broken promises from the Marxist Tyrants that would rule us by illegal legislation under color of law.

They allowed the Marxist agenda of the Marxist Party to go through unimpeded. Of course our response to the Republicans that sold us out is to attack them with the truth, and of course, cause as much political pain as possible until they remember that they work for us. By the way, the beatings will continue until their attitudes and actions improve and they submit to the will of the people as it should be.

Recently, the Political Director of the Leadership Fund for the Republican Caucus decided to attack OFF because they did not like a survey we put out to candidates. This survey talked about this Political Directors wife who is the Minority Non-Leader in the house. We all know the truth hurts to the morally bankrupt, and he didn’t like that his wife was talked about in a truthful but negative light, so he decided to go on attack; Will Smith would be proud.

This really was a stupid move because all they know is unconditional surrender, and all we do is continuously fight and will never accept defeat. They just grabbed the Bull by the Horns with no plan on what to do next; this tactic is bound to be even less effective than they are at defending our Rights in Salem.

The Political Director sent out letters to a select number of candidates and asked them not to answer our survey while claiming that my friend, Director and Founder of OFF Kevin Starrett, was a liar, and that we were “Fringe”.  Turns out that the Caucus calls you a liar when you copy and paste their own words to an alert, and you become “Fringe” when you punish them for selling out. By attacking Kevin, they really bit off more than they could chew because Kevin is the smartest guy I have ever met, and he is respected and loved all over Oregon for his many years of committed service to protecting the Rights of the people. Talk about cutting off your hand to spite your face.

What is strange is that we weren’t considered “Fringe” when we donated North of $220,000.00 to Republican Candidates the cycle before the Great sellout of 2021, and they sure as hell didn’t send back our money in disgust, not even after crazy Katheryn’s cronies bought off each Rep with 2M dollars and each Senator with 4M dollars to spend in their district on whatever they wanted.

These RINO’s in Salem are the same idiots that want to “change the face of the Senate”, which actually means they don’t want White guys. Sounds racist and woke to me, shouldn’t they seek the best candidate? Again, the only strategy they know, is how to lose, albeit at least they are getting paid for their incompetence now.

I’m sure you can see the dysfunction in Salem, so now I’m going to talk about the so-called party base, the ORP. You would think that the ORP’s job would be to help get Republicans elected, so why has there been nearly constant coups for at least the past 20 some years.

Why has Oregon not had a Republican Governor since 1987, and why has there only been one Republican in a state office in the past 20 years. We will have to look at who the movers and shakers are to get some kind of understanding about that.

I believe firmly that there is voter fraud here in Oregon, this has been confirmed to me by a former Demoncrat insider, but it seems to be way worse than even that. Oregon has at least 30 out of 36 solid Red Counties, but can’t win a state election on a prayer; so what’s going on?

The last coup in the ORP took place within the last month when the Newest Chair, Senator Dallas Heard succumbed to the Alinski tactics that a corrupt fringe had initiated on him on day one of his election and continued relentlessly until he resigned. He lasted just over a year.

This evil Fringe faction seems to be doing the bidding of Solomon Yue who is a National Committeeman and has been unaffected by the coups for over 20 years but seems to always reap the rewards.

I had Trevor Loudon on my radio show about a year ago and he confirmed that Solomon Yue is connected with the CCP. I have to say that we have been trying to find proof of this, and have a ton of circumstantial evidence, but this clown is really good at getting his useful idiots to do his dirty work, and keeps his hands pretty clean. One thing is for sure and certain; If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, hangs around with ducks, it probably ain’t a goat.

These attacks on Sen. Heard were the results of Patriots finally getting rid of Bill Currier who seems to have been Solomon Yue’s puppet in the chair position for quite a while. It took the Patriots of Oregon many years to get Currier voted out, and when the vote came, it wasn’t even close, Currier was voted out by a huge majority. The Comrade faction hated this and didn’t even try to hide their disdain as they made huge jackasses out of themselves at every ORP meeting. Now the goal has to be to vote out Solomon Yue; 23 and ½ years of his sneakiness and divisive tactics are more than enough. If he doesn’t go, Oregon will be irretrievable and lost forever.

Now we come to the Executive Director of the ORP which is a paid position. The man in this position is Larry Morgan who is a trifecta of Demon-crat values or lack thereof. I have been told that Larry Morgan is a gay black man who was a lifetime Dummy-crat and voted for Hitlery. THIS IS WHO IS LEADING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN OREGON!! Seriously, a Commy backed by useless idiots  and an ex Demon-rat. What could possibly go wrong?

We have been fighting like hell here in the most corrupt state in the US where it is obvious that the game is rigged. The Republican Caucus, who must have a combined IQ of around 4,  is crying and trying to blame their constituents because they can’t seem to raise the money that they have in the past even though their strategy is complete and total unconditional surrender of all principles and ideological beliefs. Not only have we been ignored and scoffed at by the Marxist Party, but we are now being totally ignored and sold out by the party that is supposed to be defending us. The chickens have come home to roost and for now, the beatings will continue until actions and attitudes improve.

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
N. Coordinator, SAPO/SASO
Host, Trigger Warning


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5 Comments on Oregon’s Ridiculous, Dysfunctional, Republican Party

  1. i think we need a constitutional amendment that puts the counties in the state senate. like the fifty states have seats in the senate. this would go a long way to getting political balance back in the state.

    even better and longer term, we should have an electoral college just like the feds do, to protect minority rights.

  2. Good article and reminds me of Kalifornia, where I used to live. Now living in Washington there are similarities in that everything east is Republican but everything on the west is democrat corruption. They have been cheating here forever. I run a website in WA, as well as one in Kali, I’m happy to refer to some of your posts and to your site. We all have the same fight.

  3. The Head of the GOP -OR actually resigned recently as he wanted to let the OR GOP Primaries be open to anyone. They have a shot at getting a Repub Governor here for the first time in 40 years. ALL MAIL IN voting is by design fraud. He’s correct. With 30 out of 36 counties RED How is it possible that the marxist keep wining.. Hmmm

  4. This article brings up a point that needs spotlighting, just because a person is elected to an office does not mean they have to do anything. Brumbles says he wishes they would fight to undo the morass of things that have been done…and that is understandable…at the very least the fine art of not doing anything should be held in high value.

    And then the absurdity of bad degenerate government always gets driven to the point where sane honest decent people can’t but mock them…and so we have:

    Yankee Doodle went to town
    ‘a riding on his pony
    stuck a feather in his cap
    and called it macaroni

    Yankee Doodle laugh it up
    Yankee Doodle Dandy
    Yankk Doodle laugh it up
    and with the girls be handy

    In explanation, “macaronis” were the Queers back in 1776 and being “handy” with girls is for the bold.

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