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North Idaho Republicans: Just Another RINO Group

The main stream republican no longer looks out for the people and does not believe in the core values of Conservatism

North Idaho Republicans

North Idaho Republicans: Just Another RINO Group

by Shari Dovale

Here we go again. Another group trying to convince someone … anyone … that they are Traditional Republicans and the voters should be listening to them.

They probably are traditional republicans, as the main stream republican no longer looks out for the people and does not believe in the core values of Conservatism.

The doctrine of conservatism lies between smaller government and limited taxes. It includes a strong national defense and encouraging capitalism. Let’s not forget the original and basic value of Freedom. These are all principles that the new RINOs cannot adhere to as they lean a wee bit too close to Democratic Socialism.

These Left-Leaning fanatics cried about Libertarians, Constitutionalists, John Birchers and Redoubters taking over the state. Yet, they could not even get a dozen voters to care enough about their Socialist rhetoric to even show up for them.

The newest clown show held a press conference this week in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and made the same big splash as a cold fish. There were reportedly 10 people in attendance, and that included the press.

But they had a shining light with one man, as he showed up to promote what was really behind the curtain:

North Idaho Republicans

Idaho is filling with Leftist GOP groups like Take Back Idaho, North Idaho Way and now North Idaho Republicans. These groups are backing legislators that are bigoted against people concerned with property rights, medical freedom, and parental control of their children’s education and welfare.

Trying to convince voters that “Common Sense Compromising” is preferred over family values doesn’t seem to be working out too well for them. The people are done with compromise. All they want is their freedom of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, for themselves and their families.


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3 Comments on North Idaho Republicans: Just Another RINO Group

  1. I’ve been reading some of the works of Ayn Rand. I think she is correct when it comes to the idea of Capitalism. She calls it laissez-faire Capitalism. Essentially the same concept of separation between church and state, but instead it’s a separation between state (government) and economy. The federal government shouldn’t be able to control your faith any more than they should be able to control your wallet. Until then however, we have what we have and there is no fixing this mess with the type of republicans mentioned in Shari’s article. The only fix to our debt is a complete reset on the federal government, getting rid of alphabet organizations which usurp the power of the states and the people. There is a lot of redundancy in these organizations and a lot of overlap in the scope of their missions, with multi million dollar yearly budgets and they abdicate their mission for political gain to constantly increase their yearly budgets. Shrink the federal government and put it back into its constitutional box or let it continue as is, and future generations will never know true freedom.

    • From Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” and a government body talking about replacing Candles with Electricity.

      “Should it be what they claim of it,” said Harmony 9-2642, “then it would bring ruin to the Department of Candles. The Candle is a great boon to mankind, as approved by all men. Therefore it cannot be destroyed by the whim of one.”

      “This would wreck the Plans of the World Council,” said Unanimity 2-9913, “and without the Plans of the World Council the sun cannot rise. It took fifty years to secure the approval of all the Councils for the Candle, and to decide upon the number needed, and to re-fit the Plans so as to make candles instead of torches. This touched upon thousands and thousands of men working in scores of States. We cannot alter the Plans again so soon.”

      How many “Department of Candles” do we have?

  2. “A dedicated group passionate about maintaining a big tent”? WOW! This philosophy that brought us to the dysfunction and moral decay of today and further encourages the communist take over.
    We are in a battle and they are fighting hard before too many of us wake up. Every compromise we make, we give away more of our God given rights and our liberty.

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