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Idaho Citizens for Good Government

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Idaho Citizens for Good Government

A Republic
If You Can Keep It

by Marilyn Giddings

A group of Idaho citizens recently formed a non-partisan association, Idaho Citizens for Good Government, who are focused on maintaining Idaho government as a Representative Republic. As its name implies the group believes that our Idaho republic and its historic foundations are highly valued and worth maintaining.

Spokesman for the group, Steve Majors delivered a passionate appeal at the state capitol rotunda last month, where he said, “We don’t want to lose our State to those agendas seeking to subvert or redefine our Republic.” There are agendas at work maneuvering for “domination of our representative government by moneyed interests, by federal intrusions, or dictatorial rule as if we live by permission of the governor.” Emergency declarations DO NOT, CANNOT override our rights to Life and Liberty. His words at the capitol brought attention to the failing performance of the Idaho Governor and the Legislature to act on behalf of citizens during the recent state of emergency.   

The Idaho Legislature could have acted to protect citizens, businesses, and churches, from the executive over reach, but instead ended its special session last fall in a feigned helpless display of bureaucracy where nothing was accomplished for the people. Was it intentional? Some think so.

The injuries to individuals, families, jobs  and practices of faith continue to be ignored by government leaders. Critical issues supporting the principles of the Republic like election integrity or banning of Marxist indoctrination to school children are often buried, blocked, or watered down into unenforceable legislation.  However, House and Senate  leaders direct kingpin legislators to escort a steady stream of bills opposing principles of a free republic through the Idaho legislature without obstruction.  

The goal of Idaho Citizens for Good Government is to return our governing structure to the deeply rooted and honorable system of a representative republic. The group is concerned about the continuing actions taken by elected officials to systematically replace our representative republic with another structure –a government by a few elitists who deliberately ignore the founding documents, the voice of the people, and push through the agenda of socialist activism.  

The association hopes to re establish the proper role of government by replacing failing lawmakers with candidates “who will respect the voice of the people they represent, and honorably perform their oath of office while in the State House” said Majors. “Our goal as Idaho Citizens for Good Government is to help restore and maintain a transparent good government as designed by our founders.”  Currently, “we feel our legislature and executive are failing us in several ways. They are not listening to the people they represent. Instead they seem to be paying more attention to big corporations with global interests.  We can no longer sit back and watch, hoping that somebody will fix this malfunctioning government.”  

Although ICGG are on a mission to expose, educate, and document broken areas of government, they know it is up to the people to repair it.  In the words of a supporter of the association, “the burning question is: are there enough informed people who are aware of the steep slide to socialism in Idaho and who want to correct the course? We hope so.” The group intends to raise public awareness of specific failures beginning with the legislative branch. 

Cindy Carlson, Republican candidate for District 7 Senate, is on the campaign trail shown here speaking to a community group. The display board behind her shows the voting record of every current legislator including her opponent.

In this context Idaho Citizens for Good Government has produced a traveling display as seen in the photo using data from the Idaho Freedom Foundation, which is one of several organizations, that tracks lawmakers.  Majors is confident that IFF “reflects the voting record of our legislators based on standards we think closely align with our understanding of what good government should be.” The display clearly shows the performance of recent heroes and villains of the Republic based on their voting records.  

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has been rating the performance of legislators in Idaho since 2015. The ratings are based on principles of an open and free market republic by scoring each bill according to answers to these 8 questions. 

  1. Does it create, expand, or enlarge any agency, board, program, function, or activity of government?  
  2. Does it transfer a function of the private sector to the government?  
  3. Does it give government any new, additional, or expanded power to prohibit, restrict, or regulate activities in the free market? 
  4. Does it increase barriers to entry into the market?  
  5. Does it directly or indirectly create or increase any taxes, fees, or other assessments?  
  6. Does it increase government redistribution of wealth?  
  7. Does it increase government spending (for objectionable purposes) or debt?  
  8. Does it in any way restrict public access to information related to government activity or otherwise compromise government transparency, accountability, or election integrity? 

It is noteworthy at this point to say that there are those that ferociously oppose the rating method used by IFF and are doing their best to suppress public viewing of the display board. In their own interest, rogue officials prefer to hush up their voting record on bigger government, more taxation, over-spending, expansion of social programs, increased regulations, social justice ideology, and increased dependence on a nanny state.  These are obviously principles of other types of governments around the world, but not ours. 

The words of one citizen at a recent display of the legislators’ voting records sums up the issue, “People can vote for public servants who will fulfill their duty on behalf of free people, or they can continue to be deceived by the baloney campaign rhetoric of candidates whose  voting record tells the plain truth that they are allies of big brother socialism.”  

“The Wall” is available to candidates running against incumbents with poor ratings and to any group who wants to publicly share this information to help maintain a healthy, transparent Republic.  Call Brenda of ICGG at 360 340 7969 to schedule delivery of the display board to anywhere in Idaho. 

Learn more here:  Idaho Citizens for Good Government


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