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Code Amendment Game

We do not think it is ethical to pass your code amendment before hearing KBCR’s.

Code Amendment Game

Code Amendment Game

Did you know that our Bonner County Commissioners recently passed a code amendment that counters Keep Bonner County Rural’s (KBCR) code amendment? KBCR submitted their amendment on November 4, 2021. But our commissioners passed their own code amendment before hearing KBCR’s. We all need to oppose this and request that they table their code amendment and hear the People’s code amendment first.

Bonner County Commissioner’s code amendment was submitted on March 23, 2022 shortly after KBCR completed two workshops for the People’s code amendment with the now disbanded Planning and Zoning Commission. BC’s code amendment was not heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission nor will it be heard by the new Planning Commission. This denies the people the opportunity to be heard by the Planning Commission on this important issue of rezoning. This is clearly not representing the people and misrepresents them in a way that will affect their future!
Additionally, the county code amendment does not solve any issues that are created by increasing the density as it is an agreement that is completely voluntary for developers. It is widely known that developers are highly unlikely to voluntarily enter into any agreements that reduce their profits. Is this rapid development of rural Bonner County, promoted only by the developers? Certainly not! Bonner County Commissioners – Please hear the People’s amendment first. (Zoning Code Amendment AM0021-21)

Please contact Bonner County Commissioners:


Doug and Maureen Paterson
Priest River, ID


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1 Comment on Code Amendment Game

  1. I believe it was about 40 years ago that the voters and taxpayers let Bonner County know they wanted to retain the rural atmosphere for future generations to enjoy as well as people from other areas to visit and enjoy as. Some time back the ‘County’ elected officials and employees began to think that our tax base had to be funded by growth which is a vicious cycle once it is entered into. That was when the zoning rules of acreage were established for the future generations. Today, we are in a hassle about growth that seems to be controlled by a group of individuals that have little or no interest in the future of Bonner County, appearing to be more concerned about allowing a destructive growth pattern to alter what so many have invested their lives in here. There are few places like the area we live in, so let’s not destroy it. The Line needs to be drawn before this ‘work of art’ becomes nothing other than small parcels of property and rooftops.

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