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Can The Republican Party Save The Nation

Our nation descended into it’s current immoral, illogical, unconstitutional mess in part due to the ineptness of the Republican party

Can The Republican Party Save The Nation

by Pete Ketcham

Present Situation

There are presently many individual conservative and Christian organizations that are striving for national recognition, but it is very evident that there is no desire by these organizations to unite with others to form a nationwide coalition. The only organization at this time that could be considered a conservative nationwide coalition, is the Republican party. Thus, it appears, that if there is ever to be a victory in bringing this nation back to it’s original moral constitutional bases, it will have to be done through the Republican party.

But as we all realize, our nation descended into it’s current immoral, illogical, unconstitutional mess in part due to the ineptness of the Republican party’s response to the Democrat party evolving into a strong socialist/criminal enterprise that took control of many key elements of the nation.

And so, where does this leave us? While the godless political/social organizations such as LGBT, Democrat Party, teachers unions, etc are gaining national influence, the general Christian conservative community is losing ground despite the efforts of many conservative organizations.

The Future

Although under the present turmoil and uncertainly it is not possible to accurately predict the future, it would seem that there could be some relief if the Republicans pick up the House and Senate majority this fall, but regardless of what happens politically, the overall moral decline of the nation will continue.

And so, logic would indicate that as the bizarre, illogical, and WOKE agendas and influence of organizations such as the LGBT, climate change, CRT, etc continue to grow, our nation could end up in nationwide chaos, and possibly lose it’s ability to defend itself by a WOKE ineffective military.


It seems at this time, that unless there is an unforeseen event to alter the future, we are headed down a destructive path if we depend on the present Republican party to save this nation. There simply has to be a far more effective coalition brought together if we are to win the battle for the heart and sole of this nation.


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2 Comments on Can The Republican Party Save The Nation

  1. So long as Pete Ketchum keeps lumping non believers in with the traitorous dems, no such coalition is possible. I know plenty of conservatives who do not believe in god, and I know plenty who do. The believer and the non believer should have room under the same tent when it comes to saving our country, as this country is about the freedom of religion or no religion at all. So long as he maligns those of us who do not believe, there can be no such union of purpose!

    • Naw, the great divide is not between Believers and Non-Believers…it is between what you will call a Dollar. A British Pound weighed a pound…you are not going to rob someone one of 400 Pounds and walk away with it. Likewise with a USA Silver Dollar…it approximately weighed a Pound.

      In this era, Believers and Non-Believers, Saints and Rank Sinners, can carry untold amount of money on their “Cards”. They are all yoked under the “Full Faith and Credit of the USA”.

      “…governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” – Declaration of Independence

      Conversely, if you can carry Million Dollars in paper FRNs…that is fairly light and transient since its value won’t last…and is a Reason to take further action.

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