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The Truth is in the Voting Record

The truth of politicians’ character lies in how they vote on the issues

The Truth is in the Voting Record

The Truth is in the Voting Record

by Marilyn Giddings

In a state where some 70% of Idaho’s voters are conservative, why is it that more than ½ of the state legislators are failing to vote according to the basic views and beliefs of most Idahoans?

It can’t possibly be a surprise that for many centuries politicians have been portraying an appealing image to voters in order to get elected. The truth of politicians’ character lies in how they vote on the issues not in the words they use to win an election.

Here are a few samples of actual Idaho legislative bills from 2019-2021 showing the left leaning trend being ushered through the lawmaking branch of Idaho government one bill at a time –followed by the list of legislators who vote for these bills.

Expanding the Size of Government

Bills that replace private enterprise with new government growth

SB1278 Establishes a government program for Drivers Education
HB270 $2million every year to Commission of the Arts gov excess
SB1393 $24.9 million for govt database of private healthcare information
SB1324 $1million new govt program to inform students of training programs
HB542 Funnels $12.9million, 50%increase, through Workforce Development Council to private organizations
HB127 Socializes government department over broadband expansion
HB579 $8.8million to subsidize Public TV each year supporting left programming


Government Dependence

Bills that increase dependency on government control of our lives.

HB312 Provides government day care
SB1185 Needs reform but instead increases Medicaid $3.7 Billion by 20%
HB226 Channels funds to private companies that promote CRT to children
$5.98 Million –defeated by only 2 votes this time!
S1171 Allows Medicare to over spend by 15% increasing to $2.8billion
S 1279 Benefits for college dropouts to be subsidized if they want to resume


Government Control

Bills that take away our freedom to choose by mandating and regulating

SB1254 Restricts Charitable fund raising
HB512 Weakens School Choice
HB79 Expands mandates and regulation on annuities
SB1295 Further regulates dental care options
S1037 Weakens property rights allowing certain people access to private property
S1034 Mandates insurance coverage of selected cancer drugs
S1065 Mandates increased spending on Transport Expansion & Traffic Mitigation
H481 Restricts plumbing work done by homeowners

Which elected officials are advocating for expanding the size of government, dependence and control in Idaho?

The following legislators, regardless of party affiliation, have been dragging Idaho toward more taxation, more spending, growth of government and more regulation. Predictably, most of these lawmakers have very poor ratings from Idaho Freedom Foundation and the American Conservative Union.

To earn a place on this list, legislators have voted for 3 or more of the bills listed above. Sadly, many voted for almost every bill listed.

How is it possible that conservative Idaho voters continue to re elect these legislators who are supporting socialist style government principles?

Idaho voters have a critical choice to make in May’s primary election: elect public servants who will truly fulfill their duty on behalf of free people; or continue voting for candidates who speak a campaign message of American freedom, but whose voting record shows otherwise.

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