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Three Daggers Of Destruction

Their advocates display a complete lack of logic as they pursue their agenda.


Three Daggers Of Destruction

by Pete Ketcham

There are three dangerous daggers pointed at the heart of America, any one of which could take our nation down by itself if permitted to expand to it’s full desired agenda.

Although there are other harmful issues impacting our nation, the following are the most dangerous: Climate Change, the race war known as Critical Race Theory (CRT), and the LBGT+.

At this point the nation’s God-fearing conservatives are preventing these three from expanding to the full extent of their agenda, (which appears to be unlimited) but they are gaining ground daily.

Details of the current damage, and potential damage to our nation these three are doing, is as follows:

Climate Change

Primarily this entire issue is based on an illogical unproven theory of future global warming and destruction of our atmosphere. Climate scientists receiving federal grants (payoffs) and using programmable models (designed to give desired results) are fraudulently proclaiming the earths atmosphere is in danger of being destroyed.
A great number of climate scientists (not on the payroll) are debunking this Climate Change scam.

Even if Climate Change was true (which it is not) the action and procedures of the climate change advocates (known as “Greenies”) are completely illogical, and have no basis in fact. If they have their way, they will completely destroy the ability of this nation to produce the necessary energy and products ( only energy can produce products) for the citizens to survive. In fact the Greenies have already done tremendous damage by shutting down electricity producing power plants, destroying hydro dams, and enacting harmful legislation that shuts down the economy. They illogically believe that intermittent windmills and solar panels can replace these power producing facilities, and are committed to destroying the exiting source of national energy even before their mythical wind and solar farms are in place.

There are other harmful effects of the Greenies’s agenda that could be listed.

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

At one time prior to the election of Barack Obama as president, the race issue in this nation between the black community and the white community was not perfect, but was relatively cooperative and stable. But Obama exploited and amplified white verses black for his personal political advantage for eight years, and from that point on it has grown into the divisional issue we see today. CRT’s total goal is to create a permanent racial divide between the white and black races, using BLM and other communist leaning organizations. The advocates of CRT have injected this divisive philosophy into the entire national school system, from first grade to collage graduate school.

As CRT continues to be taught in the national school system, it teaches that some students are victims (black) and some are racist (white), creating a racial division among our youth before they even have an opportunity to move into society and become productive citizens. This is pure evil and is designed to destroy cooperation and friendship between races.

If this divisive philosophy continues, there is a strong probability that it could eventually create a violent race war that could cripple this nation.


It is hard to describe the depths of this depravity that is sweeping the nation. It is extremely bizarre and goes against all logic and the nature that God placed on this earth. Like CRT it is divisive, and is teaching our youth that girls can be boys, and boys can be girls. Never in the known civilized history of nations has a nation ever perverted the sexual identities of their citizens like this nation has done. This perverse agenda is protected and promoted by the government, and is growing at a tremendous destructive rate.

There are many more bizarre and depraved details of the LGBT+ issue that could be described, but most readers already know what they are.


The combination of theses three deviant illogical agendas is the defining basis of “Woke”, which has infiltrated our corporations, education system, military, entertainment, Democrat party, the liberal news media, and many other areas. Climate Change, CRT, and the LGBT+ all have two common traits, (1.)They are not based on reality, and (2.)Their advocates display a complete lack of logic as they pursue their agenda.

If this woke culture continues to grow at it’s present rate, our constitutional nation is on a suicide course to self destruction.

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  1. The realty of previous Ice Ages is universally accepted..Evidence for gigantic glaciers as far south as Wyoming and colorado is not disputed, but nobody seems to ask, what happened to all that ice ?..Where did it go ? The answer of course is that Earth went into another of it’s warming epochs and the glaciers melted away..Mountebank politicians have made great capital yapping about “Climate change” and “Global warming”, and have suckered a great many, but our present warming is only the most recent of many..Theories explaining this endless cycle of warming and cooling have been advanced, but I’d nominate a pulsating sun, reaching a peak of radiation – our warming periods – followed by a slow decline into quiescence and a cooling earth..Lets see the GW clowns fix the sun !

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