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The Culture Of World War Is Here Again

Today we have the most inept bumbling senile president and administration in our history, (which was well demonstrated in the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle).


The Culture Of World War Is Here Again

by Pete Ketcham

Today we see the same wartime culture that dominated our nation prior to WW2 due to the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. But there are some significant differences, and also some significant similarities. The following ones are just a few of many.

Significant Similarities

1. WW2 started out in Europe by a evil godless dictator named Hitler who built a powerful national military, and used that military to invade Germany’s neighboring countries based on false and frivolous justifications. Europe and the US were put (or put themselves) in an awkward non-combat position as they observed Hitler gobble up one country after another, hoping Hitler would be satisfied with his first conquests. This general attitude was illustrated by British Prime Minister Chamberlain when he returned from a meeting in Germany with Hitler, declaring that he had achieved a peace agreement (which was violated by Hitler a short time later) that there would be “Peace In Our Time”. As all this was taking place in Europe, there was a growing threat from Japan in the orient area that was about to explode.

2. We see this exact scenario playing out today with with a godless evil Russia dictator going down the same fatal path that Hitler choose. There are fruitless meetings and agreements between Europe/USA and Russia which are being violated by Putin just as Hitler violated his. We also see the same ineptness by Europe/USA dealing with Putin as was evident dealing with Hitler. And once again we have a real threat coming from the orient area as China threatens Taiwan.

Significant Differences

1. During WW2 our nation that was totally united, and completely patriotic towards the “war effort”. Hollywood was a very patriotic asset that did all they could to support the “war effort”. Many of the actors joined the service, and the actresses toured the nation and the combat areas putting on shows and raising war-bond money. I think of the “Stagedoor Canteen” in Hollywood where the actresses and actors entertained and fed the service men.

In a 180 degree turn from the WW2 period, we are now a completely divided nation. This nationwide divide is between God fearing constitutional patriots, and godless socialist/communists. Today Hollywood is a communist leaning immoral swamp that collectively hates the nation’s military and the concept of a constitutional nation.

2. In WW2 we had a president ( Franklin Roosevelt) and a administration that was competent, and brought the nation though to victory. But today we have the most inept bumbling senile president and administration in our history, (which was well demonstrated in the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle), who may well bring us to defeat if a WW3 conflict evolves.


At this time It seems very possible that Russia may invade additional nations that border Russia, and China may invade Taiwan due to the demonstrated inability of the US & Europe to save Ukraine from being completely overrun by Russia. But perhaps on the other hand China may be more hesitant to invade Taiwan as they observe the worldwide condemnation and sanctions that Russia has brought on itself for the invasion of Ukraine.

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  1. I have echoed many of Mr Ketcham’s home truths in the “Spokane Christians….” comments section..Hopefully, the grim lessons of “Appeasement” will be learned by today’s western powers – The Russian invasion of Ukraine has to be stopped and Putin slapped down..I do have to note however the strong isolationist sentiment in the US, all the way up to December 7, 1941…Roosevelt himself promised to never send our boys off to foreign wars…It took the shock of Pearl Harbor to galvanize us…This is perhaps only a footnote, but does anybody ever ask how we got into a war with Germany ?…In one of the most titanic blunders ever made by a leader, Hitler declared war on us ! a few days after Pearl Harbor !..He signed his own death warrant..

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