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Mike Simpson Voted For MORE GUN CONTROL This Week

This is not the first time that Comrade Simpson has voted for Democrat-Socialist agendas.

Mike Simpson Voted For MORE GUN CONTROL This Week

Mike Simpson Voted For MORE GUN CONTROL This Week

by Shari Dovale

Gun Owners of America has kept track of some double dealing that went through the US House of Representatives this week. The government funding bill was 2,741 pages and released at 1:30 AM.  It was passed with the help of 39 Republicans by that evening at 10pm.

GOA rushed to analyze the bill, found the gun control buried on pages 2207-2213, and alerted our grassroots activists to take action. 

They found 2 major gun control restrictions:

Background Checks Made Worse

Sections 1101-1102 of the bill are known as the NICS Denial Notification Act to make the existing background check system even WORSE. 

Local Police to Enforce ATF Gun Control

Section 1103 also contains funding for ATF to begin deputizing local law enforcement officers to enforce federal gun control laws

House Republicans who voted for gun control include Mike Simpson of Idaho!

This is not the first time that the RINO gun control advocate Congressman Mike Simpson has voted for gun control, or voted with the Democrat-Socialists and their agendas.

He typically ignores the will of the people, lies to them about his stances on the issues, and does whatever his Comrades in Washington DC tell him to do.

Simpson is a poster boy for term limits! Consider his Leftist voting record when it comes to the May Primary! The Republican Accountability Project gives Mike SImpson a score of “D-” or POOR.



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1 Comment on Mike Simpson Voted For MORE GUN CONTROL This Week

  1. We have no legitimate government at any levels any longer. The courts, congress and all agencies are bought off or coerced to do as they are told . Just the way it is in USA today ! So the only question now is are we obligated in any way to follow any of their illegal edicts, mandates or fake laws you were not allowed to vote on ? I know many supposed patriot/Christians and they were all 100% wrong as usual. Any wonder it has all only gotten far worse for the ignorance and weakness present on many levels ? Wake up maybe people. Putin is doing us a huge favor !

    I tried to warn the supposed patriots and Christians here in Oregon that trusting the REPs and fake Christians like Pence and many more was a very bad idea and guess what happened ? I was correct again in spadess. They are all the same and all gaming us !–go-along-to-get-along–false-paradigm.-.html

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