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Jim Woodward Does Not Protect Our Children!

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Jim Woodward Does Not Protect Our Children!

Jim Woodward Does Not Protect Our Children!


He recently voted against a bill (H666) in the legislature that would protect our children from pornography. This is from Priscilla Giddings newsletter: “-H666 Inappropriate Content in Library Books: This legislation prohibits the distribution of harmful materials to children. Harmful materials include obscene depictions in movies, books, and other media. Current Idaho code provides an exemption for schools, public libraries, universities and museums and this bill would remove that exemption.”

Yet, his flashy post cards would make you believe the opposite. It is a HUGE LIE Senator Woodward.

ALSO, Senator Woodward voted FOR Covid vaccine discrimination last week. Senate Bill 1381, the Coronavirus pause act, passed the Idaho Senate last week and passed the House, but he voted against it.

Did you know his voting record is worse than most Democrats? Last year he refused to back the legislature’s ability to rein in the governor’s unconstitutional action. His was the deciding vote and he backed down.

Voters, you have a choice! Vote Tuesday, May 17th! Here is his website to do your own research on Scott Herndon. (

Vote for Scott Herndon for State Senate District 1.

Maureen Paterson
Priest River


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