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Biggest Lies Surrounding Russia And Ukraine

It’s almost like Ukraine has been groomed as a powder keg for potential global war


The Biggest Lies (So Far) Surrounding Russia And Ukraine

By Brandon Smith

As many of my readers already know I am not the biggest fan of Vladimir Putin, and for good reason. The war in Ukraine is not a factor; rather, it’s Putin’s duplicity, or at the very least it’s the manner in which he has been presented to conservatives. The notion that Putin is “anti-globalist” has been circulating within the alternative media for at least a decade now and frankly there’s not an ounce of truth to it.

No, he never kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia, they’ve had banking operations in Moscow for many years. Putin has been close friends with New World Order advocate Henry Kissinger since before he became leader of Russia, it’s all described in his autobiography ‘First Person.’ And, Putin has been heavily involved in the World Economic Forum for many years, and only last year Russia joined Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revolution Initiative. There are claims that this is all about Putin “keeping his enemies close,” but that’s just childish naivety. No one keeps the globalists close unless they agree with the globalists on a majority of concepts.

Yes, the WEF told Putin he was a bad boy for invading Ukraine and Russia is not invited to their next big conference. However, the WEF did the exact same thing after Russia annexed Crimea, and a year later Putin was invited right back in again. Fake squabbles between the globalists and their allies are for the benefit of the public, they don’t mean a thing in reality.

I don’t really care about the Ukraine war either way. There are no good guys in this fight. Both sides are puppets of elitist interests. The effects on the civilian population of Ukraine are unfortunate, but the rest of the world is about to face similar or worse threats in the near term because of economic decline. My purpose here is not to defend Russia, my purpose is to dismantle the obvious propaganda. There is a reason why the establishment is so interested in getting the public riled up about Ukraine.

Ultimately, the Ukraine war is immensely convenient for the globalists. Think about it – The very moment their covid mandates begin to fall apart and more than half the world refuses the vax passports, suddenly the invasion of Ukraine strikes and all is forgotten? It’s as if someone flipped a magic switch and the mainstream media’s covid propaganda machine immediately shut down, all at once. The war on skeptics of the vaccines is mostly gone. The push for the mandates is gone. Even the masks are basically gone. All the restrictions which authoritarians argued were essential for “saving lives” now no longer matter. They have vanished, because they never did matter.

Now we’re on to the newer bigger distraction of potential World War III. This was facilitated by Putin and expanded on by NATO countries into the realm of economic conflict, which is where the real war is happening. The globalists have shifted from using covid as the excuse for inflation and economic decline to using Russia and Ukraine as the excuse for inflation and economic decline. Again, it’s all very convenient.

In the meantime, there has been epic amounts of theater and distraction surrounding the reality on the ground in Ukraine. I don’t think I have ever seen propaganda narratives implemented in real time on this level before. I’m talking about immediate agenda driven lies developed the very moment any event happens in Ukraine and spread via social media. The disinformation is moving so fast there’s often no time to examine it before the next event occurs; and maybe that’s the point. When the public is bombarded with lie after lie, sometimes mixed with a little truth, they have no time to react or to think.

The general thrust of the whole situation, though, is that you are not supposed to think. All you need to do is accept the maxim that “Russia bad guy, Ukraine good guy.” There are even a host of Republicans and fake GOP conservatives out there calling for US boots on the ground in Ukraine, or at least the assassination of Putin. Why should conservatives, or anyone else in the West, be so invested in Ukraine that we are considering WWIII? What does this conflict have to do with us? In terms of the general public it has NOTHING to do with us. Not a thing.

To understand why, we need to discuss the many deceptions surrounding the Ukraine situation along with the many hypocrisies that undermine the narrative that westerners and specifically Americans need to be involved…

War Crimes? The Invasion Of Ukraine vs. The Invasion Of Iraq

Before I get into this, I need to reiterate that Neo-con politicians are NOT conservatives. They never have been and they never will be. They are fake conservatives that wear our ideals like a costume in order to infiltrate and to influence. Political frauds like John McCain (good riddance), Lindsay Graham, Mike Pence, etc. claim to be on our side but consistently support leftist and globalist initiatives in the meantime, all while actively seeking to chip away at our constitutional rights.

It’s important to remember that the same Neo-Cons calling for US involvement in Ukraine today are also the people that demanded US involvement in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East 20 years ago. You know, that “War on Terror” that never ends and the search for “WMDs” that turned up nothing? You remember that? The Neo-cons were primarily responsible. The irony of them demonizing Putin over his comparatively restrained invasion of Ukraine should not be lost on us.

The invasion of Iraq alone resulted in around 200,000 civilian deaths according to official estimates. The war had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, WMDs, or any associations between Saddam Hussein and terrorists. In fact, there was no direct rationale for the US to be in Iraq at all. Yet, we are still there to this day after an aggressive regime change and years of fighting which destroyed a generation of Iraqis. Was there a massive global push to “cancel” the US in retaliation? Nope. Actually, nothing happened.

Even today, I have not heard a single media pundit bring up the point that accusing Russia of “war crimes” is hypocritical given the US invasion of Iraq and the damage it caused. Why is no one talking about this?

Russia Is Losing The War?

Frankly, I believe that ALL modern militaries are overrated in terms of effectiveness. Reliance on technology has pervaded the new military ethos and made them soft. This includes the US military which just spent nearly 20 years fighting a war in Afghanistan with top tier drone technology at their disposal, and to no avail. Russia’s military is closest to the US in terms of technological advantages, but I think a lot of people have watched far too many movies when it comes to war and their expectations of how an invasion is implemented are inflated.

Invasions are usually not successful in a few weeks. They take time. Maybe Russia will fail, but it’s unlikely, and the details on the ground indicate a methodical war, not a biltzkrieg.

For example, Russia is clearly trying to avoid civilian casualties as much as possible (at least compared to the initial invasion of Iraq by the US). They have kept a large amount of infrastructure intact, including the power grid in many parts of the country, which is what I would have targeted first if I am to be honest about the strategic advantages. The fact that Ukraine has had internet this whole time, even without Elon Musk’s Starlink system, boggles my mind. It’s as if Putin is trying to drag out the war.

Also note that Russia is operating around most major cities instead of through them. I’m not really seeing the actions of a vicious Genghis Khan here. My suspicion is that the “Russia has failed” narrative is designed more for western audiences to give us a false sense of security.

Russia Is Isolated?

No, it’s not. Not even close. At least at this time, Russia still has all the markets of the BRICS nations at its disposal. That means China, India, Brazil, and South Africa (among others) are ALL still trading vigorously with Russia and Russian exports are still flowing widely. India and China together hold 36% of the world’s population and have a massive demand for Russian energy and food exports; so please tell me again about how Russia is isolated and is about to cry for mercy.

Not only that, but China signed a 30 year gas and oil deal right before Russia invaded Ukraine, and India is now developing a trade deal which cuts out the US dollar as the reserve currency. Basically, all western sanctions are doing is accelerating the fall of the dollar and inviting the very scenario the globalists at the WEF and IMF have always wanted – A new global basket currency system that they intend to control.

Why is the media and the White House claiming Russia has been cut off from the world? Again, I suspect this narrative is only for the benefit of conning the western masses into a false sense of security. They are trying to make people feel safe in the notion that international “cancel culture” is working when cancel culture is actually a pathetic and impotent strategy used by cowards in order to avoid real confrontation while imagining they have power.

US Sanctions On Russian Oil Are Causing High Gas Prices And Putin Is To Blame?

Uh, no. This claim is nonsense. Gas prices were rising well before the invasion of Ukraine, and the Federal Reserve is mostly to blame due to its constant fiat money creation and trillions in stimulus measures that have devalued the dollar. Any economist that argues otherwise is either an idiot or a liar and I’m happy to debunk them.

Official US inflation hit 40 year highs in December of last year. Russian oil makes up only 3% of US crude imports. The media and the White House continually lie about the effects of sanctions and try to divert attention over to Russia.

That said, there’s something else the media does not talk about much, which is Europe’s reliance on Russian oil and natural gas. If you want to see actual price inflation caused by Russia, let the EU ban Russian oil imports, or watch as Putin cuts off the supply. Europe is dependent on Russian oil and gas for about 40% of overall energy production. They cannot even survive a single year without it. If Russia retaliated and blocked energy exports to Europe, the the EU would have to siphon oil from many other countries, reducing global supply dramatically. This would cause gas prices to explode to double or even triple current levels.

Food And Retail Inflation Are Caused By Russia?

Again, sanctions are only helping the crisis along, but inflation was hitting historic highs well before the invasion of Ukraine. We were going to get to this point eventually anyway, but the disruption of resource exports from Russia and Ukraine is now accelerating the process. The REAL culprits behind price inflation are the bankers at the Federal Reserve along with their endless QE and fiat stimulus measures. Creating tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air and circulating them globally is a much bigger catalyst for a stagflation crisis than the Ukraine war will ever be.

There Are No Nazis In Ukraine?

It depends on how you define “Nazis.” There is in fact a national socialist part called Svaboda and they are far more prominent in Ukrainian society and in politics than many people would like to admit. Of course, these days anyone that does not agree with the dictates of the authoritarian Far-Left is now called a “Nazi,” so the accusation has lost much of its meaning. I just want to point out that the mainstream media back in 2014 was complaining about the “Neo Nazis” in Ukraine, and admonished politicians like John McCain for traveling to Kiev and shaking hands with them.

The EU even demanded that the Ukrainian government stop associating with Svaboda becaause of their “racist, anti-semitic and xenophobic views.” So, whether or not you agree that Svaboda is a Nazi related entity, it is hilarious that the EU and the US media are now suddenly allies of the same Ukraine government they disparaged back in 2014 as “fascist.”

There Are No US Funded Bio Labs In Ukraine?

Yes, there are. THIS IS FACT. The existence of multiple bio-labs in Ukraine has been openly admitted by US officials including Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. Nuland also indicated that these labs should not fall into Russian hands because of the dangerous “research materials” they contain; she refrained from calling them biological weapons. It is also openly admitted that US funding for these labs began during the Obama era (just as funding for the infamous Level 4 bio lab in Wuhan, China began during the Obama era). Obama himself toured the facilities before he became president and admitted that the labs contained anthrax and plague viruses.

The argument for US involvement in the Ukrainian bio-labs was that these dangerous materials needed to be properly secured and “protected.” Yeah, I’m not buying that, but at the very least it is absolutely and undeniably true that Ukraine holds multiple bio-labs, containing materials that could be used as biological weapons, and those labs have received ample funding from the US government. The amount of media lies and spin surrounding this one issue is truly impressive. Clearly, there is something about these labs that the government is trying to hide.

Do I think this is the reason Russia invaded Ukraine. No, not at all. The point remains, though, that White House and media arguments on the bio-labs are verifiable lies.

The Truth Matters…

Most of these disinformation campaigns in the media and by political officials from the White House to Neo-Cons in the GOP are obviously designed to accomplish one thing: American support for war with Russia. Frankly, Ukraine is not worth it. The displacement of refugees is saddening but war in general only EVER serves the interests of globalists and power brokers. We can’t be lured in by false narratives and the exploitation of our empathy.

NATO involvement in Ukraine, including military involvement, has been pervasive for over a decade, well before the Russian invasion of Crimea. It’s almost like Ukraine has been groomed as a powder keg for potential global war. Now, it appears the globalists are falling back on Plan B in a desperate play to distract the public from economic destruction. Putin is a part of it, Ukraine is a part of it, and most NATO governments are a part of it. The real war is not with Russia; the real war is with the establishment elites that are playing both sides of the conflict. Why sacrifice millions in a pointless engineered conflict when we can eliminate a handful of power mongers and finally live in peace?


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