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Thompson Announces for Idaho 1A

The primary election is scheduled for May 17, 2022

Thompson Announces for Idaho 1A

Thompson Announces for Idaho 1A


I, Travis Thompson, am running for the open Idaho House of Representatives District Seat 1A. The Idaho Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion upholding the new legislative political boundaries approved late last year by Idaho’s bipartisan redistricting commission. Seat 1A is now an open seat in the spring primary election scheduled for May 17, 2022. The May 17th primary will decide the candidate for Seat 1A in the General election held November 8, 2022.

Over the years I have volunteered countless hours serving our community. This includes serving on the Farm Bureau Board, helping the Foundation for Wildlife Management with their predator management goals, standing on a flag line as a Patriot Guard rider, working in Boise during the legislative session to help support bills that have an impact on our community and working one on one with community members who need help navigating the government process. I have enjoyed this immensely. I have been able to self fund this so far, but as the campaign moves forward the work load will increase. This additional financial and work load will require some assistance from individuals who would like to be involved, have a strong desire to make a positive difference and have time available to help in various capacities.

I was born and raised in Bonner County and it was here also, that my 3 young adult children were born and raised. It has been my true joy to be part of their journey to the young adults they are now.

I started a general contracting company here in Bonner County in 1994. We are still in business today and continue to specialize in design-build general contract construction. I complete our projects according to the standards that have been established and are applicable to the work. I will carry this same motto to the State Legislature where the standard is the US and Idaho State Constitutions along with the Bill of Rights. In our republic, we have representatives of the people governing to the Constitutions and Bill of Rights. It will be my distinct pleasure to uphold this great tradition while representing everyone from District 1 before the Idaho Legislature.

I do appreciate your support during this primary election May 17th,2022.

Travis Thompson

*UPDATE, 2.6.22:  Travis Thompson is a registered Republican and is running on the Republican platform.


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6 Comments on Thompson Announces for Idaho 1A

  1. Idaho RINOs, who despise our great patriot, Heather Scott,
    redistricted her out of District 1A and possibly out of Idaho politics.
    Undoubtedly, Idaho RINOs want District 1A under their control.
    Therefore, I will vote for the candidate whom Heather Scott endorses
    and no other candidate.

  2. I am and always have been a registered republican. Eveyone who knows, me knows me as one, however I still needed to include republican in my announcement. I asked Shari to update the article
    Travis Thompson

  3. A bland generic statement on the issues,
    no party affiliation are a red flag and the M O
    of a politician who intends to hide his true
    agenda. Beware!

  4. So, now that the Gerrymandering has been successful, why aren’t you declaring what party you are registered in Travis? No mention of that in your campaign statement! That tells me…you are a demorat!!

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