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The Never Ending Danger – Socialism

Since the Biden administration, the biggest source of our oil now is from Russia

The Never Ending Danger – Socialism

by Maureen Paterson

Please don’t be deceived! “Democratic Socialism” is just a term to make socialism seem more agreeable.

Socialism has never worked, like in Venezuela and Cuba. It is also a huge stepping stone to dictatorial control of your life. It requires powerful people to be in control of distribution. Despite their claims of “equality”, they take care of their supporters first. Those in power eventually feel so self-important that they bow to corruption. Power is a tool of the devil to sneak in and corrupt.

So, if you are a Democrat, will you vote for socialism? Italy’s Prime Minister, Benito Mussolini, a fascist and national socialist, states the following: Democratic regimes are where the people are tricked into the belief that they are self-governing, while all the time, real authority is exercised by other irresponsible and secret forces.1

And then there is the National Socialism of NAZI Germany. We all know how that turned out.

So will you vote for socialism? If you are a “Never Trumper”, would you vote socialism over someone who has governed more conservatively than most other Republican presidents? Who has actually achieved Republican goals on tax cuts, deregulation, business and wage growth, and record low unemployment and US energy independence?

Since the Biden administration, the biggest source of our oil now is from Russia. We buy this oil which finances their invasion of Ukraine. This is Democratic Socialism.

Socialism is opposite to how America was founded. It is important to understand how our free market society permits freedom of choice and allows individuals to exercise their Christian love. We must vigilantly protect the freedoms we have. Our knowledge, our voice and our vote should count! Demand voter Integrity!


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