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Latest Propaganda Claims Liberty Activists Are Russian Pawns

It will be a war they WILL LOSE to true Americans and freedom fighters everywhere, not imaginary Russian agents

Latest Propaganda Claims Liberty Activists Are Russian Pawns

So Predictable – Latest Propaganda Claims Liberty Activists Are Russian Pawns

By Brandon Smith

A common misconception about the establishment power brokers of our era is that they have “created” a vast system of corruption and government control and that this reflects an element of “genius” on their parts. In reality, they only inherited the existing system from the elitists that came before them, and those elites inherited the framework from their forebears. One can already see the next generation of globalists being groomed to carry the torch of centralization, and maybe they will push the agenda forward a step further, or maybe they will be the generation that blows up the whole thing and leaves it in shambles.

The construct of multi-generational conspiracy is nothing new. It has happened over and over again throughout history from monarchies to papacies to assassins, cartels and the mob. It has the advantage of superseding time, because it is not necessarily limited to the lifespan of a single set of conspirators. It can carry on forever if it is not identified and directly eliminated.

That said, one of the biggest problems of nepotism within any empire, whether openly dominant or ruling from the shadows, is that power is often passed on to those who show fealty rather than those who show promise. That is to say, nepotism neglects to take intelligence and ingenuity into account.

Something I have said for a very long time is that psychopathic and evil people do not have the capacity to create. They have no new ideas, no complex imagination and no intuitive intelligence. To make up for this inability to innovate they rely on theft of ideas from smarter and more creative thinkers, ideas they believe they can exploit. They also pursue the destruction of all ideas that might disrupt their efforts. Finally, they are highly repetitive and robotic in their decision making processes. They merely look back at plots that worked for them in the past and they copy and paste.

This makes them incredibly predictable. If you have studied the behaviors and habits of the average narcissistic sociopath (psychopaths) then you understand exactly how globalists tend to think and plan. These people are not complicated, they are quite simple.

There are two reasons why they get away with so much: First, the system has been broken over many decades of degradation and manipulation and repurposed to protect them. Tyranny doesn’t happen overnight, it takes many years of tip-toeing around and sabotaging the defenses whenever possible. Second, the average person is not taught about psychopathy or the traits for identifying psychopaths. In fact, the average person is taught all the wrong information on psychopaths by Hollywood entertainment and in many cases by the very universities that are supposed to educate us.

Most people have no clue because psychopathy has never been a focus of our society, even though these creatures are the foremost catastrophic influence facing humanity. The average person has no relationship to evil, let alone any relationship to the existence of conspiracy. Our societal priorities are completely backwards and nothing will change until we correct them.

With that in mind, I would use the analogy of a parasite – If you know about the characteristics of the parasite and you know the symptoms of the parasite then you can identify and remove the parasite. If you have never heard of the parasite or refuse to acknowledge that the parasite exists, then you will continue on in misery and decay until you die because the parasite is feeding off of you in perfect comfort.

Many of us in the liberty movement understand very well the traits of the globalist parasite and this makes it much easier for us to predict what they will do. Specifically, it is every easy for us to guess the steps they will take to attack us.

In an article I published last month titled ‘The Globalist Reset Agenda Has Failed – Is Ukraine Plan B?’ I posited that regardless of how the Ukraine situation pans out, the narrative is certainly designed to trigger popular tensions with Russia which the establishment hopes will translate to fear and distrust among the US citizenry. Beyond that, I predicted that in the near future every action on the part of liberty activists will be blamed on “foreign collusion.”

That is to say, on the back of events like those in Ukraine the media and globalist controlled officials will claim that the liberty movement is nothing more than an astroturf movement or a color revolution funded and instigated by Russia or some other foreign government.

And, to once again demonstrate the utter predictability of the globalists and the media, it did not take long before I was proven right. Today I am seeing numerous insinuations in the corporate media that the trucker protest in Canada “might” be manipulated by “foreign agents,” possibly from Russia, and they directly link the conflict over Ukraine to this theory.

They offer NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to support this theory, of course, and they never will. Many people reading this will note that this is nothing new. The Russiagate claims during Trump’s presidency have since been proven to be a complete fiasco backed by zero proof, and yet it’s we conservatives that get accused of “fringe conspiracy theory.”

What many do not realize though is that the build up to the Russian “influence” narrative was going on well before Trump. Over a decade ago I warned liberty activists to be careful about associations with outlets like RT (Russia Today) which are government owned. Editorials and articles among leftists outlets were hinting of “influence” over the Tea Party and patriot groups back then. The propaganda didn’t develop to fruition because there was no hook.

Today, they seem to be trying to conjure up a hook in the form of a “wag the dog” moment with Ukraine.

I don’t have any affinity for Russia, nor do I have any particular hatred or fear of Russia either. I am very familiar with Putin’s history and his long time friendships with globalists like Henry Kissinger, so I’m not one of these people that is under the delusion that Putin is going to oppose the globalists and save the world. I do understand that conflict with a larger power like Russia is useful to the globalist agenda for a number of reasons.

I think that one of the best ways to bring down the US right now would be to get us caught up in a regional conflict that turns into a quagmire we can’t escape, something that would accelerate our already fast moving economic troubles. It might be Ukraine, it might be Taiwan, it might be North Korea or Iran, it’s hard to say but I have little doubt there will be a call for the US to involve itself in one of these disasters in the near future. It doesn’t need to escalate into a nuclear war, it just needs to bog down the US and drain it of energy and stability.

But beyond that, all corrupt rulers know they will eventually face opposition and rebellion against their draconian policies. We have seen this in the epic takedown of the World Economic Forum’s “Reset” plans in the US. The covid mandates and vax mandates were crushed in at least half the states in the country, a level of defiance not seen in almost any other nation on the planet. Now, because of conservative states fighting back and the defeat of vax requirements at the federal level, the mandates are being dropped in some blue states and even in nations overseas.

Centralization requires fear and momentum to succeed. Liberty activist movements disrupt that momentum and cause doubt among the globalists. If they push too hard, will they make conservatives angry enough to target them directly in return?

Their response is, again, always predictable. The go-to strategy for governments and elites facing mass popular revolt to centralization is to claim that the rebellion is “not a rebellion at all.” Rather, the rebellion is a “hoax” or it’s based on a con designed by foreign enemies “trying to divide the union.” In this way the power brokers can marginalize the rebellion and halt it’s growth because no matter how truthful and principled the arguments of freedom fighters there will always be suspicion that we are “foreign agents” serving foreign interests.

The CCP did this recently with the Hong Kong protests, accusing them of being run by western powers. The debate is then derailed into claims and counter-claims of foreign entanglement instead of the more important issues of freedom vs. authoritarianism.

They already tried the old standard of accusing activists of being “racists.” That failed because freedom is universal and millions of black and brown people also support the cause. Then they tried arguing that we “don’t have the freedom to put other people at risk” and so we must give up our medical autonomy for the “greater good.” In other words, the assertion is that our freedom is dangerous to everyone else.

That garbage failed when more data about covid and the vaccines was released and leaked to the public. Vaccinated people are just as likely to pass covid to others as the unvaxxed, and they are more likely to be hospitalized or die from covid compared to unvaxxed people with natural immunity. The vaxxed are more of a threat to each other. There’s no proof that the unvaxxed are a threat to anyone. This is a scientific reality and the narrative of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” propagated by covid cultists is now falling apart.

On top of that, obviously, if the vaccines actually worked then we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all. How can the unvaxxed be a threat to a vaccinated person unless the vaccines are ineffective?

Next they tried calling us “terrorists” and “insurrectionists” because of a single and completely unarmed protest on January 6th. This isn’t sticking either and the more they froth at the mouth over that event the crazier they look. So, what trick comes next? They’ll stick with the terrorist claims, but that won’t be enough. They need to convince the public that freedom fighters are actually foreign fighters.

To be sure, such a narrative will be widely embraced by the political left in the US. In fact it already has. I have seen hundreds of instances lately of leftists across various social media platforms attempting to attach Russian influence to conservative ideas, content, principles and protests. The claim is always that liberty content creators and protesters are either funded by Russia or they are being tricked by Russian psyops into adopting the positions we defend. Get ready to see this propaganda EVERYWHERE, it is so clearly the next tactic in the globalist playbook it makes me a little embarrassed for them.

Why are leftists so quick to jump on this bandwagon? That’s easy; It’s because they have no logical or reasonable arguments to present in the face of the liberty position. The bottom line is that they want tyranny just like the globalists do and that’s a really hard stance to justify. It’s much easier to attack our characters than to attack our message of freedom; so we are called toxic, racists, sexists, insurrectionists and now we are foreign collaborators. Anything to avoid an honest debate on fair ground based on facts and morals.

Ultimately, leftists love globalism. They are mouthpieces for the establishment because they see the establishment as an ally in their quest for socialism. They are too stupid to understand that the program is being run by the very same corporations and billionaires they claim they are fighting against. They also don’t understand that they will be among the first people sacrificed to see true globalism achieved. Like children, they think the future is going to be just like Star Trek. In truth it will be more like traveling backwards in time to the serfdom of the feudalist dark ages.

The Russian collusion story is mostly meant for the political left in order to keep them on the plantation while also to sowing seeds of doubt among moderates and people still on the political fence. The globalists want to prevent as many individuals as possible from moving closer to reality. However, their strategy is rife with confusion. It tells me that they are in uncharted territory and they are falling back on worn out measures and tired schemes because they don’t know what else to do.

A red state revolution against the mandates and vax passports and now a Canadian trucker rebellion? Good luck trying to shut it down at this stage. Even if they manage to force through their vax mandates or clear away the protesters, this will only inspire more resistance. Not only that, but no matter what governments do they will never be able to force truckers and conservative producers to work, and many of us cannot be replaced very easily. Without us they drown.

What their actions also tell me is that they know and have accepted the inevitability of mass revolt. They know it cannot be defused or undermined; it’s going to happen and they cannot stop it. So, they are trying to preempt the coming rebellion by injecting the lie of foreign influence ahead of time. They tried this years ago and it didn’t work; the fact that they are trying it with Russia yet again stinks of desperation.

They might even believe they want the citizenry to fight back, assuming that this will make us look like criminals and justify government force. Globalist puppets like Justin Trudeau and Biden think that they can bulldoze the liberty movement through fascist declarations of “emergency powers.” I say let them try. I welcome such a foolish error which will indeed lead to war. It will be a war they WILL LOSE to true Americans and freedom fighters everywhere, not imaginary Russian agents.


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