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Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

The criminal element that has taken control of the Democrat Party have created a wave of crime, immorality, and lawlessness


Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

by Pete Ketcham

As the national politics revolve, one may wonder (as expressed in that old adage), “Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?”. Basically the question is, are the God fearing conservatives winning or losing in their effort to return this nation’s leadership back to a basis of logic, common sense, and a respect for God?

Which either way one observes the “glass”, it has become quite apparent to most conservatives that the criminal element that has taken control of the Democrat Party, the News Media, Education system, and the Entertainment World, are vicious, deceptive, corrupt, immoral, and totally dishonest. They have created a wave of crime, immorality, and lawlessness In this nation’s streets and political offices never seen before.

Yet many conservative politicians, talk show hosts, TV news commentators, etc, believe “The Glass Is Half Full”, and that the conservatives are winning the battle to return this nation’s leadership back to a basis of logic, and honesty. These conservatives believe that if they can win the majority of both houses, or the presidency, the nation’s problems can be solved. That is partially true, and is a place to start, but does not come close to solving the mammoth problem of the nation-wide moral degeneracy, which is the determining factor of where this nation goes.

Many in the older conservative community believe “The Glass Is Half Empty”. This belief is based on their past experience of living in the nation before the corrupt decline began when the Clintons moved into the White House. Even though there was corruption before the Clintons arrived on the scene, they are the ones that “took us over the cliff” into massive government corruption. In fact , those few who personally remember what the nation was like back in the 40’s and 50’s know the “Glass” is not only half empty”, but is draining rapidly as this nation plunges into complete moral depravity.

Regardless of how the “Glass” is observed, it seems apparent that If anything is going to change the direction of our nation, there is a need for a significant change from the failing tactics and strategy the conservatives have been using the last 60 years. Unfortunately at this time, it seems a change of strategy is not a issue nor a priority within the conservative community, let alone making actual changes if it were.


It is somewhat puzzling to understand why the general conservative community and the Republican Party seem content to just continue their defensive strategy, basically responding to the offensive actions of the liberals and the Democrat Party, without any significant offensive action on their own. Although Trump was able to move the conservative agenda to the offense for a period of time, it was shattered and destroyed after only four short years by a fraudulent election, and subsequent action by the Democrat Party.

in the past I have advocated for the formation of a nation-wide conservative christian coalition, comprised of all the existing conservative organizations, the Republican Party, and the Christian churches, but at present, there is no movement in that direction. ( Even the original 13 colonies realized they had to form a unified coalition, if they were ever to win their freedom to create this nation)

Thus, it would seem that the “glass” level is going to continue to get lower, unless God allows a significant change in circumstances to impact this nation, and change the destructive course it is now on.

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