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Idaho Republican Party Uses Communist Tactics!

They are forcing you to choose party over candidate.

Idaho Republican Party Uses Communist Tactics!

Idaho Republican Party Uses Communist Tactics!

by Shari Dovale

We recently wrote an article concerning the Republican Party (the Party) in Idaho:

Will the Idaho Republican Party Throw the Voters Under the Bus?

This concerned a rule change that members of the Party attempted to pass which would require everyone that wished to be placed on the Republican primary ballot to have a written endorsement by the Republican party.

Complaining of democrats or “RINOs” infiltrating the Party, the hierarchy thought this would solve their problem, keeping only their chosen candidates running on the ballot. The rule change did not pass.

The Party elites have now slipped something else past their members, and it would seem that they have gone Full Commie on us.

The Republican House has passed HB 439. It is a bill requiring everyone that would vote in the May Republican Primary to register by March 11, of this year, or be banned from voting.

The date was selected as the same deadline that candidates are required to file. This means that the unaffiliated voter will not know who the candidates are before filing, and therefore will be voting for The Party and not The Person.

There are more than than 300,000 unaffiliated voters in Idaho, and many of them would like to see viable candidates running before they changed their affiliation to any particular party.

However, “the Party” doesn’t care who is running, and they do not care who you would like to vote for. They are forcing you to choose party over candidate.

The kicker in this new atrocity is the Emergency Clause. They have included phrasing that should guarantee it’s enforcement within just a couple of weeks, by March 11th.

This bill has only passed the House. It still needs to go to the Senate, and assuming it passes there, would then go to Governor Little’s desk for signature. Knowing how Little has played games with dragging his feet in the past, this could get signed after the March 11th deadline. Where would the voters stand then?

If anyone does not remember, we have already been told that the Republican party is nothing more than a private club. They are not a government organization. They can do what they want and disallow the people from having a say in the nomination process completely, as made clear by Legislative District 1 Chairman, Bjorn Handeen:

Tom Luna recently showed his communist tendencies with his squabble involving Ammon Bundy. Luna believes he should decide who gets to be a member of “The Party”. That decision should not be left up to the voters. (Sounds completely Fascist to me.)

Let’s Look at the True RINO

Regardless of how you feel about Ammon Bundy’s politics, whether or not you agree with him is not the issue. Bundy did the right thing in unaffiliating with these dictators and going independent.

We have issued this challenge before, and it is more important than ever:

Are you here for the PARTY or for the PEOPLE? A challenge is issued to every Liberty candidate to register at the filing time in March as an unaffiliated, or independent, candidate thereby bypassing the primary altogether and going straight to the General election in November.


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