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History Repeats Itself (Almost)

In world war II (WW2) we struggled against an evil alliance of a European country and an Asian country


History Repeats Itself (Almost)

by Pete Ketcham

In world war II (WW2) we struggled against an evil alliance of a European country and an Asian country, principally Nazi Germany and Japan, both driven by the evil desires of their controlling despots, (Hitler and Tojo) to invade their neighboring countries.

Today we are faced with an identical situation of an alliance of a European country and an Asian country, both controlled by evil despots. Like Hitler and Tojo, Putin of Russia, and Xi jinping of China desire to invade their neighboring countries, Ukraine and Taiwan.

Even though the national alliance of China and Russia today is the same as in WW2, the controlling circumstances have changed considerably, principally because of the existence of nuclear weapons. It would be almost suicidal for the US to go to war against either one of these nations, for it would not remain conventional for long, as the losing nation would go nuclear, and the resulting devastation to many nations would be indescribable.

At this time it would appear that Biden and his controlling cabal have no plans for the US to engage in warfare with either of these nations, but it is still a big risk, as Biden and his cabal have not exhibited any common sense or wisdom in most of their decisions thus far.

Another factor that adds risk, is that Putin and Xi jinping both know how illogical and incompetent the Biden administration is as demonstrated by the Afghanistan withdrawal catastrophe, and numerous other domestic policy disasters, this has thus encouraged them to step up their aggression against their neighbors regardless of how many troops Biden sends to Europe or to the Pacific region. Putin knows it is just a big bluff, as Biden has already publicly stated he will not go to war with Russia (which for once is the right decision).

This present situation leaves the US citizens in a uncertain state, not knowing if or when Putin and Xijinping will invade their neighbors, and what the reaction will be from the mentally deficient old man and his controlling cabal.


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1 Comment on History Repeats Itself (Almost)

  1. The USA probably has multiple plans to go to war with Russia and China…that is what the Pentegon does…pre-plan and “game” contingencies. So in the event something does happen…the President can be presented the contingency plans that, 1) Most closely matches the reality of the moment, and 2) Offers options on how to proceed.

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