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Demanding a Vote to Repeal Grocery Tax

The people are seeing through these RINO games. Look at the graphics below

Repeal Grocery Tax

Demanding a Vote to Repeal Grocery Tax

by Shari Dovale

Idaho has one of the highest grocery tax rates in the country.

The corrupt tax is a slap in the face of all good citizens in Idaho. To demand that people not buy food to feed their families until this onerous tax is paid to the government is vicious by any responsible person’s standards.

There have been many attempts to repeal this hijacking of the food going back many years. RINO Butch Otter had a bill reach his desk only for him to play drama games before he declined to sign it.

It is interesting that another bill has not reached the desk of the governor, but has been fought by the establishment hacks in Boise. Brad Little campaigned on the promise to repeal this starvation tax, yet he has managed to step away from all responsibility by letting his cronies fight it down in the House and Senate.

In the current session, Senator Christy Zito attempted to include this repeal within another tax reduction bill only to have the Senate Republicans blow their RINO gaskets. In the House there have been many attempts, led by Rep. Ron Nate, to pull any of the current bills out of the House Ways and Means committee, where they have been sent to never been seen again.

Rep. Paul Amador, Chairman for the committee, has admitted that he has not called his committee together even once to do any of the mandated business for which he has been elected. Additionally, he has fought repeatedly, with the help of his RINO establishment hacks, to keep a vote from taking place on grocery tax repeal.

These establishment, big-government hacks will tell you that they are in favor of a repeal and would vote for it if given the chance. Then they will vote to keep the bill in committee so they don’t have to prove their statements.

The people are seeing through these RINO games. Look at the graphics below. These are 2 of the actual votes in the Idaho House, within just a few days.The discussion centers around H 448.

The GREEN names are the ones that voted to keep the bill in committee and never let it get a debate or a vote.  The RED votes are the people that are actually working for the people and are trying to get this bill to the floor for a vote.

Vote taken on 2/17/22
Vote taken this morning, 2/21/22

Please look for your representative’s name, and take note as to whether they are voting for the establishment or the people.

For example, In District 1, Rep. Sage Dixon, who claims to be a proponent of repealing the grocery tax, continues to help hide this bill in committee so he wont have to prove his vote on the bill.


State Representative Ron Nate released the following statement: 

“Despite Idaho currently sitting on a $1.9 billion surplus, the bill to relieve the financial burden from Biden’s disastrous inflation and repeal grocery taxes in the state continues to sit in Paul Amador’s desk drawer.

House Chairmen Paul Amador and Steve Harris refuse to hold a vote on this bill. While I am confident that the majority of the House supports the bill, it’s apparent that the establishment Republicans are more concerned with the appearance of conservatives “winning” than they are with doing what’s right for the people of Idaho.

I will continue my fight to end the tax on food. Today, I am officially demanding that Amador and Harris stop playing politics with our finances and do what’s right for the people of Idaho.

Let’s free the food!” 



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